Introducing Skyscanner's latest flight search innovation: the Skyscanner bot for Facebook Messenger. Using the latest technology, we've made it even easier for you to find the best flights, but how does it work? Let us explain...

First thing to remember:

You get all of the same flight information and prices that you'll see on our website and our app, all you have to do is go to Skyscanner's Facebook page and send us a private message. You can then chat with our clever bot, or if you have an inquiry that's not a flight search, just hit the 'Contact us' button to speak to a human.

Chat to Skyscanner's Facebook Messenger bot and find cheap flights

Not sure where to go?

Don't worry, our bot will give you a few ideas, just type 'search Everywhere' or 'not sure' to find the cheapest destinations from your nearest airport. Available to anyone on Facebook Messenger typing in English, the bot looks at flight search trends and digs out the cheapest prices to the most popular destinations available at the time. Once you've found a flight you like the look of the bot will send you a link which you click on to go to Skyscanner's site, where you can book it.

Let Skyscanner's Messenger bot inspire you!

So what's the big deal?

Skyscanner is the first travel search engine to officially launch a Facebook Messenger Bot. With an average of 50 million travellers searching flights on Skyscanner each month, we believe this is the next step towards making travel as hassle-free as possible for everyone. With more than 900 million monthly active users, it's easy to see the potential in Facebook Messenger and why Facebook has made developing these clever bots a high priority for developers - some people are even saying that messaging bots are the biggest innovation in the tech since the introduction of the Apple App store. Conversational search, like this, is a relatively new feature, but we believe it's really important and a true innovation within the travel industry. This latest tool from Skyscanner will allow you to search for flights in a convenient and fun way.

Skyscanner is the first travel search engine to officially launch a Facebook Messenger Bot

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