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Coronavirus travel advice

From the latest news on the UK’s travel corridors to airline policies on cancelled flights, our daily updated page is your go-to resource.

How to use Skyscanner to plan travel during COVID-19

Do you have more questions than answers about what it’s like to travel now? These 5+ tools will help you plan and book your next trip with confidence.

Top Black Friday flight deals UK 2020

Looking for Black Friday flight deals and worrying about changing government guidelines? Skyscanner is here to help.

Tourism will never look the same – Skyscanner publishes new trends report

We’ve released a new report titled ‘The New World of Travel’. Bringing together our global flight search data and expert opinion, the report explores some…

Coronavirus travel questions: Your COVID-19 queries answered

How clean is the air on airplanes? When can I travel long-haul again? We answer the questions you’ve been asking about travel during COVID.

Making change happen

Skyscanner’s mission is to lead the transformation to modern and sustainable travel. The events of the past few months have underscored the importance of this…

A 24-hour tour of Paris: experience the City of Light from home

Paris, also known as the City of Light, was at the forefront of the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century — not only because of…

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What can I do if my airline goes bust?

In the unfortunate case of your airline going bust or failing, you have a few options for claiming flight cancellation costs on the airline or your travel insurance, but these depend on whether you bought your flights with a credit card, whether the flights were ATOL Protected and how much your flights cost to start with. Here’s Skyscanner’s best advice for how to claim compensation if your airline goes bust, whether you’re on holiday, or it’s happened pre-departure.