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Everything you need to know about replacing, updating and renewing your passport

Travel may be difficult, or even off limits, for now - but that doesn't mean we can't make plans for the future. We hope that articles like this one will help you plan your next experience whenever that may be.

With the recent announcement that UK lockdown restrictions may be ending this summer, many of us are considering booking a summer holiday. Although travel isn’t allowed again just yet, it’s worth making sure your passport is ready for when things open up, so you don’t find yourself unable to go on holiday. We’ve covered everything you need to know about replacing, updating and renewing your passport, whether you’re hoping to enjoy a beach holiday this summer or making plans for next year.

How long does it take to get a new passport?

Good news – things haven’t changed when it comes to replacing or renewing your passport. It still takes around three weeks to renew your passport, unless you have expedited your passport. If your passport has less than six months left on it – or is more than 10 years old – make sure you allow plenty of time before your trip. If you are in a bit of a hurry, see below for the fastest ways to get your passport.

New passport rules for travel to EU countries

It’s worth mentioning that following Brexit, UK passport holders will need to ensure they have a minimum of six months left on their passport for travel to the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or Liechtenstein. Your passport must also be less than 10 years old, even if it has six months or more left. Don’t leave renewing your passport to the last minute if it’s expiring soon.

Make sure you also double check whether there are any new visa regulations for your destination.

How old do you have to be to have a passport?

You must be 16 years old, or about to turn 16 in the coming three weeks, to apply for an adult passport. You can apply for a child’s passport for anybody under 16.

How much is a child’s passport?

A child’s passport costs £49 if you apply online. Applying by post costs £58.50. Jumbo passports for children cost £59 for an online application and £68.50 by post. You can apply for a child’s passport here.

What if you need to get a passport faster?

Normally, you can get your passport within one day from a passport office (find your nearest one here). You will need to book an appointment explaining what you need, attend with photos and an application form, and you will be able to get your passport on the same day.

Right now passport offices are temporarily closed and appointments suspended because of COVID-19.

Don’t worry though – you can use the Fast Track service at your local post office to get your passport sent back to you in one week.

What about renewing your passport online?

Renewing your passport online is easy – and right now, we’d recommend doing this. To renew your passport online, you will need a clear, digital head shot, your debit/credit card and time to fill out the online form.

How do you renew your passport?

You can now renew your passport online, as mentioned above, or you can send a traditional application form with photos (cue a trip to the local photo booth). You can pick up the forms you need from many branches of the Post Office.

Is it time to renew your passport?

When can I apply for a passport renewal?

You can apply for passport renewal within nine months of the expiry date on your current passport. If you’re planning on travelling a lot, renewing your passport sooner rather than later is a good idea. It’s always best to check the entry requirements of the country you’re planning to travel to, as you may need to renew your passport before travelling. Make sure you also check that the country you’re planning to visit is open to tourists – entry rules for some destinations have changed during the pandemic.

Where is my closest passport office?

Passport offices are temporarily closed and appointments suspended because of COVID-19.

Once things open up again, if you have ordered a passport via Fast Track, you’ll need to choose a passport delivery office.

There are passport support offices in:

  • Belfast
  • Durham
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • London
  • Newport
  • Peterborough

How much does it cost for a new passport?

An adult UK passport costs £75.50 for a standard 34-page passport, if you apply online. If you fill out a paper form, it costs £85. A jumbo passport with 50 pages costs £85.50 if you apply online, and £95 by paper form – ideal for the stamp seekers among us.

Renewing your passport is easy to do online

What do I do if I lose my passport?

Lost your passport in the UK?

You will need to cancel your passport as soon as possible to prevent identity fraud, then apply for a new passport online. You will not be able to travel until you have your new passport.

What do I do if I lose my passport abroad?

You will still need to cancel your passport as soon as possible to prevent identity fraud. Contact the British Embassy and apply for an emergency travel document as soon as possible in order to get home. With this document you can travel through a maximum of five countries to your destination – it can also be used to return to the country you’re applying from, if you reside there.

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