press-releases From wedding rings to false teeth, we reveal the bizarre items left on planes

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From wedding rings to false teeth, we reveal the bizarre items left on planes

Many of the items left on board planes could cause a few blushes. We reveal all.

Wedding rings, false teeth, a trombone and a large canvas painting are among some of the unusual items left behind on planes, according to a survey from Skyscanner.

Many of the items left on board could cause a few blushes when trying to retrieve the lost items, while the person who left their false teeth could have problems trying to communicate their loss in the first place.

In addition to the usual books, CDs and sunglasses, five people had even walked off the plane without their wedding rings while one admitted to leaving their underwear – whether the same person left both items behind is unclear but it could have left them with some explaining to do when they got back home.

The poll of over 700 people also reveals that a third of items left behind are worth over £100, including cameras (3%), iPads (3%) and consoles (2%). While leaving behind high-value items can be costly if uninsured, other losses could cause even greater stress. An unfortunate 5% said they had left behind their passports or travel documents, while an unlucky 2% had left their child’s favoured toy behind, likely leading to a temper tantrum and tears later on.

In total, two-thirds of plane passengers have accidently left something on a plane. Books were the most common item to be left behind (18%) followed by mobile phones (9%), a magazine or newspaper (8%) and an item of clothing (8%).

Sam Poullain, Skyscanner spokesman commented:
“Having left my iPad behind on a plane recently, I know how easy it is to do and the frustration and hassle it causes, although it could have been a more awkward conversation with the airline has I lost one of the more embarrassing items our survey revealed.

“While most can be recovered or replaced, some things are irreplaceable, regardless of the cost. Losing your child’s favourite toy, for instance, could be a disaster and is the last thing you want when heading off on holiday.”

The items most commonly left-behind on a plane:

• Book (18%)
• Mobile phone (9%)
• Magazine/newspaper (8%)
• Clothes (8%)
• Glasses/Sunglasses (8%)
• Headphones (6%)
• Passport/identity documents (5%)
• Camera (3%)
• iPad (3%)
• Food (3%)

And some of the more unusual items left behind:

• Wedding ring
• Stuffed mouse
• Trombone
• Underwear
• Top hat
• False teeth
• Canvas painting
• Clock
• Fridge
• A child’s dental brace

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