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Ljubljana is the pint-sized capital of Slovenia. The city may be small, but it certainly punches above its weight in terms of things to see and do. Sure, there are no famous attractions to tick off your bucket list: but there are plenty of fantastic museums, theatres, and art galleries to visit: as well as the medieval castle.

The best part about a city break in Ljubljana is that all the attractions are well within walking distance of each other. It doesn’t really matter which neighbourhood your hotel is in, you’re not going to have far to wander to reach the city centre. There are hotels in Ljubljana to suit every type of traveller: and every type of budget. Whether you’re planning a cheap and cheerful backpacking trip round Eastern Europe, or are looking for a romantic getaway with that special someone, you’ll find plenty to keep yourself entertained in Ljubljana.

One of the best things to do in Ljubljana is simply taking the time to stroll through the beautiful streets, soaking in the atmosphere. Ljubljana is packed with intricate baroque buildings, making it a wonderful place to wander around at any time of year. During the summer the streets come alive as cafes spill out onto the pavement and performers line the bridges across the Ljubljanica River. In winter the city is lit up with Christmas lights designed by local artists, and street food stalls run along the riverside.

When you’re not drinking in the culture, you can join the city’s huge student population in the lively bars. Most of the nightlife can be found near the main square, Prešernov trg, running parallel to the river. Wandering through the backstreets around here you can stumble on all kinds of entertainment: from trendy jazz bars to buzzing nightclubs throbbing with the sounds of the latest DJ set.

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