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Brimming with Hanseatic history and old world charm, Bremen is a charming destination for a German city break.

Bremen is a long and thin city, measuring around 10km in length and only 2km in breadth. Most of the hotels are in the city centre. This area is easy to explore on foot thanks to the brass and steel nails which are hammered into the sidewalk. These lead tourists past all of the main sights, from the Church of Our Lady to the Böttcherstrasse.

Hotels near the old town are a good choice for travellers who don’t like to wander too far for a bit of sightseeing. The main square is surrounded by elaborate buildings, with a cathedral dating back a thousand years and elaborate guild-houses that hark back to Germany’s golden era.

Bremen’s claim to fame came in the 19th Century, when the Brothers Grimm recorded the story of the Town Musicians of Bremen. The fairytale follows the exploits of a group of outcast animals who are making their way to Bremen to become stars. There’s a statue of the protagonists (a donkey, dog, cat, and rooster) in front of the town hall.

Food is important in Bremen. Quaint shops sell gastronomic goodies, from fine coffee and chocolate to butter cakes and beer. Although Bremen doesn’t have a jumping nightlife, there are over a thousand cafes, restaurants, and bars to relax in if you don’t feel like going back to your hotel too early.

If you get bored of the city, you’ll find that hotels in Bremen are perfectly placed for discovering the East Frisian countryside. Just a short bus or train ride from the city centre and you’ll find yourself surrounded by flat green pastures; ideal for a gentle cycle. There’s also some beautiful coastline near Bremen, although it’s not the traditional sandy beaches. Instead you’ll find mudflats that attract wading birds.

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