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Hotels in Cairo

Cairo is a chaotic city where excitement lies around every corner. There are lots of great hotels in Cairo, whether you’re looking for the perfect base to visit the pyramids, or want to feel the pulse of Egypt after a spell at the Red Sea resorts.

Most of the large hotels in Cairo can be found in the Downtown district. This makes a great base if you like being in the heart of the action. The Egyptian Museum is nearby, as are the Arab League and the American University in Cairo. Tahrir Square is the main travel hub of Cairo, so from this part of town it’s easy to get out and explore the rest of what the city has to offer.

More hotels can be found north of Downtown, near Midan Ramses: the square in front of the city’s main train station. This neighbourhood is a bit rough around the edges, with a few cheap accommodation options and some quirky bars.

If you’re looking for a posh place to stay, head south of Downtown to Garden City. This purpose built suburb sits along the banks of the Nile and includes lots of huge luxury hotels, as well as the British Embassy. It’s close enough to reach downtown easily, but is also peaceful and secure.

If wide boulevards and modern architecture do nothing for you, you should look for hotels in Islamic Cairo. The district is no more or less Islamic than any other part of Cairo. The difference is that Islamic Cairo is packed with breathtaking Islamic monuments, intricate medieval architecture, and lively markets. Haggling is encouraged.

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