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Hotels in Mumbai

Fast paced and crazy, Mumbai is not for the faint-hearted. The metropolis formerly known as Bombay is the largest city in India, and home to the famous Bollywood film industry. The city is a heady mix of colonial architecture, towering skyscrapers, maze-like bazaars, air-conditioned shopping malls, and insane traffic. There’s lots of poverty, but there’s also lots of excess: some of the best restaurants in India can be found in Mumbai, as can the swankiest nightspots.

There are lots of hotels in Mumbai to choose from, whether you’re looking for five star luxury in the city centre or budget friendly hostels in the suburbs. Mumbai is a sprawling city with lots of districts to explore.

South Mumbai

The commercial centre of the city, South Mumbai (affectionately known as ‘SoBo’) is home to some of the oldest buildings in town; as well as some of the newest. There’s no shortage of things to see and do: there are museums, monuments, and galleries as well as shopping, fine-dining, and dance-clubs. If you want to be in the heart of the action, this is where to stay.

South Central Mumbai

Once an industrial neighbourhood, South Central Mumbai is now one of the most popular nightlife and shopping destinations. While it doesn’t have quite as many landmark buildings as SoBo, you could still enjoy a varied and interesting holiday without leaving South Central Mumbai. There are temples and shrines, theatres and galleries, fantastic shopping malls and great restaurants.

Western Suburbs

There are lots of hotels in this district thanks to its proximity to Mumbai Airport. There are a few tourist attractions like Mehboob Studios, where classic Bollywood movies were filmed, and some good shopping. The Bandra neighbourhood is famous for its pubs and restaurants, and there are even a few exclusive nightclubs for those who like to party into the wee hours.

Central Suburbs

Slightly off the tourist trail, Mumbai’s Central Suburbs are mostly residential although there are a few high end hotels and plenty to keep visitors entertained. The suburb is home to one of the most beautiful streets in the city, Marine Drive, as well as the popular Powai Lake. There are lots of shopping malls, too. The nightlife is fairly low key, with a few quiet bars and restaurants to choose from.

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