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The World Pursuit explores Uganda – Instagram Takeover

Hello from Uganda, Africa! We let Cameron and Natasha from The World Pursuit loose on our Instagram account whilst they explored this amazing place.

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Day One

Greetings from the "Pearl of Africa," also know as Uganda. We are Cameron and Natasha from @theworldpursuit and over the next week we’ll be showing you around Uganda. Over the course of the last nine months we’ve been driving our truck all over Africa.

This photo was taken on a hike in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. We trekked along this jungle river for an hour in search of black and white colobus monkeys.

Day Two

If there is one bucket list experience in all of Africa for many it would be tracking the Mountain Gorillas. We spent an hour and a half trekking through thick jungle to find the largest gorilla family in The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Coming face to face with these animals is nothing short of spectacular. The photo was taken right as we realized two gorillas were watching us from above. Minutes later the female gorilla dropped down looked me in the eyes and grabbed my arm. It is a moment I’ll never forget in my life. We are the @theworldpursuit and have been traveling across Africa for the last nine months. This week we are bringing you across Uganda with us.

Day Three

Watching these little guys play over the course of an hour was so humbling and cute! The way mountain gorillas interact with one another is surreal. Pretty sure this is how we played with our siblings when we were younger.

Day Four

There are only two populations of lions that climb trees in the world! One of them happens to be in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. There are a few theories as to why these lions have developed this unusual habit, but at the end of the day no one knows why exactly. We were super stoked to be able to see this female lion in a tree eyeing some tasty antelope over our heads (not us!).

Day Five

For the last six months we’ve been driving our Land Cruiser named Charlie across Africa. In those six months we’ve seen 25,000 miles, police corruption, a flash flood, washed out roads, extreme deserts, and wetland swamps. It’s been tough as hell at moments, but we’d do it again in a heartbeat. This photo was taken a few days ago in Queen Elizabeth National Park while on the look out for tree climbing lions.

Day Six

Through out our journey across Africa these guys have been with us every step of the way. Baboons seem to be a constant sight along roads and in national parks. Sometimes they’re cute, and sometimes they’re menaces.

Day Seven

The only way to finish out a takeover from Africa is with one of the continents legendary sunsets. The end of a day in Africa comes with a ritual for us called the sundowner. Which, for those who don’t know is a drink of your choice to cap the end of another beautiful day in Africa. Our drink of choice? The classic gin and tonic. Cheers!

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