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Life with Clarity explores Iceland – Instagram Takeover

Everyone talks about how amazing Iceland is but have you actually visited? Soph from Life with Clarity took over our Instagram account to give you the nudge you need to book those flights to this amazing country so you can explore it for yourself.

We’re just going to pop this handy button right here. You know. Just in case you get super curious…

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Day One

Hello there I’m Soph from @lifewithclarity I’ve got my hands on the Skyscanner account to show you the magic of Iceland for the next week! Can’t wait to share with you guys ❄

Me standing in awe of the beauty of Lónsöræfi

A few moments before we got our jeep stuck in a frozen river and thought we were stranded there for life…

Day Two

What makes Iceland so awesome? These icebergs at sunrise is definitely one thing on the list! Jökulsárlón located in the Southeast of Iceland is a massive glacier lagoon – and it is super awesome!

Day Three

"Today is your day, your mountain is waiting. So get on your way." – Dr Seuss

Iceland facts:

  • Until 1989, beer was illegal. Thankfully times have changed.
  • Summer days can last up to 24 hours. More daylight for fun things.
  • Nudity is the norm (especially in hot springs or the showers of the local swimming pool)
  • You won’t find any underwear with the Icelandic flag whilst over there. Sorry.

Day Four

Black sands and washed up icebergs makes these beautiful ice formations on Crystal Beach I absolutely love walks on the beach, this one was one to remember

Iceland sometimes makes you feel you’re exploring another planet – it’s amazing!

Day Five

This beauty is Skógafoss and you’ll find it on the Skóga Ruver in the south of the island. It’s one of the biggest waterfalls around at 25m wide and with a drop of 60m. Pack a lot of waterproofs though – the spray will most likely soak you through!

Why post one waterfall pic when you can post two? I still can’t decide which one is my favourite! If you don’t mind getting soaked and freezing you can walk behind this one! And it’s amazinggg

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is one of the best known waterfall around and this is most likely the one you’ll see in your mate’s photos. It’s also only 120kms from Reykjavík so there’s no excuses for not visiting 😏

Day Six

Jökulsárlón glacier is one of the most stunning places in Iceland and is more commonly known as Diamond Beach.

Day Seven

I need one of these pretty houses in my new favourite city, Reykjavik

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