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Car Hire from Lagos Airport

Car Hire from Lagos Airport

The south western region of Nigeria is a place of extremes. This is best encapsulated in the chaotic city of Lagos, which is home to both tin roofed shacks and luxury hotels, local markets and upmarket restaurants. Around the rest of the region, visitors will find beautiful beaches, swathes of untouched natural landscape and traditional Nigerian culture. Hiring a car from Lagos Airport is a great way to explore more of this vibrant country at your own pace.

Where to hire a car at Lagos Airport

Sixt offer a meet and greet service from Lagos Airport. Drivers are asked to provide their flight details and a contact number before arrival. A Sixt representative will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall and will transport you to the car hire office, which is just five minutes’ drive from the airport.

Petrol Stations near Lagos Airport

If you hire a car with a full to full fuel policy you will be required to refuel the car before returning it to avoid excess charges.

There is a petrol station right outside Lagos Airport. It’s an AP Oil garage located on Airport Road before you hit the A5.

Driving around Lagos Airport

From the airport, the A5 travels south down to Lagos and the coast, and also north towards Abeokuta.

To drive in Nigeria, you’ll need an International Driving Permit (IDP) which you can apply for in the UK prior to travel. The permit will then be valid for 12 months after the date of issue.

Driving around Nigeria can take time. Traffic jams are common and often exacerbated by police checkpoints. Roads are also poorly maintained so a 4x4 is useful for managing some of the potholes. It’s also wise to stick to driving rules and regulations. Police are poorly paid and can unfortunately be quick to look for fining or bribing opportunities.

Getting to your destination

Lagos Airport is a great arrival point if you’re looking to explore this south western region of Nigeria. With a rental car from the airport, a number of top destinations are within easy reach.

Lagos is a hectic city, full of people, traffic and rich Nigerian culture. It’s the biggest city in the country and has a great selection of beaches, the National Museum of Nigeria and the National Theatre of Arts & Culture. An emerging arts and music scene is taking the city by storm and the Jankara Market is a great place to buy local arts and crafts.

It’s a 30 minute drive from Lagos Airport to Lagos city, taking the A5 south. Congestion in the city can be a problem so be sure to leave plenty of time for your journey. There are a number of car parks around the city, particularly close to big hotels and shopping malls.

Osogbo is a quiet city, home to the Yoruba people and, since the 1950s, a haven for Nigerian contemporary artists. The city sits on the River Osun and has a number of galleries where you can buy arts and crafts. The Osun Sacred Grove, filled with distinctive sculptures and shrines, is a must on any Osogbo checklist while over at the royal palace, visitors will find a museum detailing the history of the city. Osogbo is 3.5 hour drive from Lagos Airport. Drivers should first head towards Ojodu before picking up the E1 heading north east. The city is a little less hectic than Lagos but drivers should still take extra care on the roads, looking out for potholes and sticking to the rules.

Omo Forest Reserve
The Omo Forest Reserve lies to the east of Lagos city. It’s a beautifully remote spot that offers overnight trips into the subtropical rainforest. The reserve is home to chimpanzees, forest elephants and a number of endangered species. Visitors go on a guided walk around the park, including a trek to enjoy the spectacular views at the top of Beetle Hill, and spend the night by a camp fire before retiring to rustic forest lodges.

Omo Forest Reserve is around 2 hour 20 minute drive from Lagos Airport, taking the E1 north east before picking up the A121. The Lekki Conservation Centre is a meeting point for tours and there is space there to leave your car.

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