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When is the best time to book your flights?

Save money on your travel in 2017. To help you get the best price for your flight, we reveal the best time to book and some handy tips

We have analysed millions of flights so we can give you some insider hints and tips on how to bag a bargain flight to some of the most popular destinations. Find out when’s the cheapest (and most expensive) time to fly, what impacts your flight price, how the best time to book varies whether you’re flying with a budget airline or a national carrier and whether you’re flying short-haul or long-haul, and how far in advance are flight prices typically at their lowest.

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Follow these few simple rules to get the best price for your flight:

1. Book smart

Avoiding peak season travel and flying at less popular hours of the day, can really help to lower costs.

2. Be flexible

Costs to different destinations can vary significantly depending on the airlines operating that route and the UK airports offering these flights. If you are planning your next trip but are open to destinations, running a search to ‘everywhere’ can help find the countries that offer the best value flights at any time.

3. Compare and contrast

Using a travel comparison site like Skyscanner allows you to compare the widest range of airlines and online travel agents, so you’ll be able to see where you can get the best deal.

4. Track prices

Skyscanner’s analysis has found that keeping an eye on the flight prices a few months in advance of travel, is the best way to find a good value flight. Using our flight tracker price alert service, either by email or via the app, can help monitor when prices drop on a chosen route.

5. NB!

There is no golden rule or set date when all flights are at their cheapest. However our hope is that by sharing our knowledge and providing you with the tools to do your own research, you will feel confident in making an informed decision when it comes to booking your flights.

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Unfortunately this thread will no longer be monitored so we won’t be able to answer anyone’s best time to book comments, for more tips check out our guide to booking cheap flights or check out our tool on this page which will show you your most popular destinations.

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More top tips for saving on your flights:

  • Stay savvy with our price alerts
    Let the deals come to you! Once you’ve decided on your dream destination, set up a price alert which will notify you when the fare changes

  • Flexibility is a frugal traveller’s friend
    Use our browse by month tool and fly on less popular days of the week

  • Consider everywhere
    For those with a limited budget but an unlimited imagination, we recommend using the search everywhere tool, which will find the cheapest destinations to travel to for a specific date period

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*Skyscanner looked at 250 million exits on flights over a three-year period to make the data as robust and accurate as possible. The results listed in the above regarding weeks to book in advance should be considered as a guide for travellers. While Skyscanner has identified the average flight prices and best time to book, there will never be one date where it can guarantee that flight prices will be at their cheapest. However, there are clear trends we can see that are useful to show travellers.

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