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Car Hire from Harare Airport

Car Hire from Harare Airport

Harare Airport is the main airport for Zimbabwe’s capital city and the central region of the country it occupies. In the local area, there is spectacular scenery, vibrant towns and opportunities to spot Zimbabwe’s famous big five; rhinos, lions, elephants, buffaloes and leopards. If you choose to hire a car from the airport, you can get around at your own pace and venture off the beaten tourist track.

Where to hire a car at Harare Airport

The only car hire company operating at Harare Airport is Europcar. Their office is located in the main terminal building arrivals hall.

Petrol Stations near Harare Airport

The closest petrol station to Harare Airport is a Shell garage, located on the A11, on the other side of Harare city centre. It’s around 30 minutes’ drive from the airport. Many petrol stations around Harare close early but you will find some that open for 24 hours a day.

Driving around Harare Airport

Seke Road and Airport Road are the main routes to and from the airport. They both head north into Harare city centre. From the airport, it’s also easy to access route A4, which travels north to Harare and south towards Masvingo, and the A5, which also travels into Harare, continuing on to Kwekwe and southeast to Marondera.
You can drive in Zimbabwe with just your standard UK driving license. It’s important to obey police signals, stop at road blocks and have identification to hand. Petrol stations are few and far between on journeys from one city to another so be sure to top up your tank whenever you can.
Roads are often in a poor condition so you’ll need to keep an eye out for potholes and chaotic intersections where traffic lights aren’t working. It’s also wise to avoid driving at night; roads and vehicles are often poorly lit whilst cyclists, pedestrians and livestock can pose a serious hazard.

Getting to your destination

When you hire a car from Harare Airport, you’ll find a range of great destinations within easy reach. Here are a few of them:


Harare is Zimbabwe’s capital city. It’s home to two million people and offers a range of attractions for visitors. There’s the National Gallery which displays both national and international art, The Mukuvisi Woodlands where you can find a variety of wild animal species and the The Kopje, a granite hill offering incredible views of the city.
It takes around 20 minutes to get from Harare Airport to Harare. Airport Road and then Cripps Road provide the most direct route. Parts of the city are laid out over a grid system but outer suburbs have more winding and complicated routes.
There are a number of car parks around the city centre. You’re likely to come across touts who will direct you to a car parking space in exchange for a fee. Unfortunately, you’ll sometimes have to pay a fee to the official parking attendant as well as the tout.


Chinhoyi is the capital of Mashonaland West Province. It’s a small college town, home to two of the country’s most important universities. The main attraction at Chinhoyi, however, is the Chinhoyi Caves National Park. Inside the limestone and dolomite caves, you’ll find a blue pool, popularly called the Sleeping Pool.
It takes around two hours to drive from Harare Airport to Chinhoyi. Drivers should take the Airport Road into Harare city centre and then take route A1 northwest. Chinhoyi is a popular destination and parking is available in the town and at the national park.

Imire Safari Lodge

Imire Safari Lodge is a wildlife preservation centre. It breeds and releases black rhinos back into their natural habitat and finds homes for orphaned elephants. A daytrip to the lodge allows you to see these beautiful animals up close.
Imire Safari Lodge is an hour and 45 minutes’ drive from Harare Airport. Drivers should take the Airport Road south and then pick up Seke Road as it winds its way southeast through Dema, Waddilove and Mangwendi. Parking is available on site.

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