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Car Hire from Bulawayo Airport

Car Hire from Bulawayo Airport

Bulawayo Airport sits in a central southwest region of Zimbabwe. This region is called Matabebeland and it’s home to the elegant city of Bulawayo, a number of national parks, some incredible wildlife and landscapes punctuated by baobab trees. Hiring a car from Bulawayo Airport allows you to travel without the worry of timetables and the limits of public transport routes. You can explore the region at your own pace and find many incredible destinations along the way.

Where to hire a car at Bulawayo Airport

Europcar is the only car hire company in operation at Bulawayo Airport. The Europcar office is located inside the airport’s small terminal building.

Petrol Stations near Bulawayo Airport

The closest petrol station to Bulawayo Airport is located in Bulawayo city centre, 30 minutes’ drive from the airport. It’s a Trek Petroleum garage located on Bellevue Street, just off the A7.

Driving around Bulawayo Airport

The main road running to and from the airport travels north to Queens Mine and Eastnor and south to Bulawayo city. From Bulawayo there are easy connections to the A5, heading northeast to Gweru, the A8 heading north to Lupane, the A7 heading southwest to Figtree and the A6 heading southeast to Mbalabala.
Driving in Zimbabwe can be a bit of an adventure. Road conditions are often poor, particularly in rural and remote areas. Driving standards also vary wildly so you’ll need to drive defensively. Driving at night is not advisable as roads and vehicles are often poorly lit and you’re likely to come across pedestrians and animals in the road. Police road blocks are commonplace in Zimbabwe so be sure to have your identification with you at all times.

Getting to your destination

When you hire a car from Bulawayo Airport, you’ll find a range of great destinations within easy reach. Here are a few of them:


Bulawayo is Zimbabwe’s second largest city, boasting elegant boulevards and buildings. The city has a number of museums including a Natural History Museum and a Train Museum. There’s also a National Art Gallery here and an early 20th century outdoor swimming pool, popular with both residents and tourists.
It takes around 25 minutes to drive from Bulawayo Airport to Bulawayo centre. Roads in the city centre are laid out over a rough grid system. Many streets are numbered which aids navigation. Parking fees apply to central zones but you’re likely to find free parking if you’re prepared to park on the city outskirts and walk to the centre.

Matobo National Park

Matobo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s home to a large population of black and white rhinos and there are lots of activities for visitors. You can hike up to the summit of Malindidzimu where you’ll find Cecil Rhodes’ grave and some spectacular views. You can also explore the park on horseback or enjoy fishing in one of the park’s dams.
Matabo National Park is around an hour’s drive from Bulawayo Airport, heading into the city before picking up Matapos Road southbound. A large car park is available for visitors.

Khami Ruins

The Khami Ruins are another UNESCO World Heritage Site close to Bulawayo city. Located next to the Khami River, the area was once the capital of the Torwa dynasty and there are many structures dating back to the 14th century. There’s a guide on site who can talk you through the history.
It takes around 50 minutes to drive to the Khami Ruins from Bulawayo Airport, heading into Bulawayo city and then picking up the Khami Road heading west. The final stretch of road before you reach the ruins is in poor condition so you’ll need to go slowly and carefully.

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