Skyscanner Community Guidelines

Hello! First things first: a big thank you for being a part of the Skyscanner community. You help us make travel better. By connecting people all over the world, who share their personal travel experiences with each other, we’re creating an amazing resource to help plan your next trip.

So, sure: feel all noble and stuff. It’s pretty great.

Still, if we’re going to be truly useful, there do need to be a few house rules we all need to follow. Happily, our rules are super-simple, so there shouldn’t be any need for us to get tough! By using Skyscanner, you agree to these rules and our Terms of Service.

Thank you!

Be true to you

Our community doesn’t work unless everyone is being genuine and truthful. It’s all about giving good, trusted advice.

The best way to earn people’s trust? Just be yourself. Your account should be an accurate reflection of who you are. It’s for your personal use, and you should only contribute content that you have created yourself.

Things that breach our code of truth: impersonating others, spamming, ticket scalping, violating other people’s privacy, defaming or harassing people, adding anyone else’s photos, and anything illegal.

Be cool

Skyscanner is all about sharing information on the fun and awesome stuff you’ve done. It’s not a place to start arguments or offend. Also, this is a global community where people will have varying opinions, experiences, budgets and preferences — so please show respect for these differences.

Be an example

We want to be helpful so, if someone’s new to the community, make them feel welcome. Be a positive force: that will encourage others to behave the same way, and can only build and improve what we have.

Don’t feed the trolls — they only have fun if they get a response. Ignore them and report them to us instead.

Be safe and smart

Use your common sense when it comes to health and safety. If something doesn’t feel right in your gut — listen to it. Being over-cautious is better than being not cautious enough.

isn’t responsible for the actions of community members, so you’ve got to be responsible for yourself.

Be useful!

Good travel recommendations can make another person’s trip great — but to be really useful, there are a few things to bear in mind:

Why we might remove your content

This is rare, but sometimes we’ll remove content, such as an image, photograph or review, if we think it doesn’t adhere to these guidelines, the spirit of Skyscanner, or our Terms of Service.

Here are a few reasons we might think that, so you can avoid any problems:

How to report abuse

If you see something on Skyscanner that violates these guidelines, please let us know. It’s super-easy to bring it to our attention: just click the ‘Flag this’ button next to the problem content, and we’ll take a look. Help us keep our community useful and, well, nice.

Please note that we don’t get involved with disputes between business owners, competitors, customers, ex-employees, or other entities. We only remove reviews we think violate our guidelines and Terms of Service. Thanks for understanding.