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Hotels in Faro

Where to Stay in Faro

Faro, Portugal is well-known for its scenic beaches, neo-classical architecture, and rich history. The old, cobbled roads of this city lead guests to traditional Portuguese restaurants and sites Faro Cathedral or the Municipal Museum. Ilha De Faro, or Faro Island, is one of the city’s busiest and most appreciated locations.

Ilha De Faro in Faro

Ilha De Faro has scenic rock formations and expansive ocean views that attract a wide array of people, both local and from out of town. If you’ve decided you want to visit Ilha De Faro during your trip, check out these three different nearby hotel options.

1. The Low Cost Inn

Among the cheap hotels in Faro near Ilha De Faro is the Low Cost Inn. As the name implies, this is a hotel which offers the very basic amenities at an affordable rate. In exchange for the budget stay, you get to see more of Faro's best attractions.

2. The Ibis Faro Algarve Hotel

On the list of mid-range hotels in Faro close to Ilha De Faro is the Ibis Faro Algarve Hotel. You have access to free Wi-Fi, parking, an outdoor pool, breakfast, and air conditioning. It’s located within walking distance of six restaurants.

3. Faro Boutique Hotel

A boutique hotel in Faro that's also close to Ilha De Faro is the Faro Boutique Hotel. It’s a five-star hotel offering 24-hour room and answering services, sweeping city views, and a lounge bar.

Faro Airport Hotels

Finding hotels near Faro Airport (FAO) will add to the convenience of your stay and ease your concerns about missing your flight. Here are a few last minute hotels in Faro near the airport to compare.

1. Hotel 3K Aeroporto De Faro

One of the cheap hotels in Faro near the airport is Hotel 3K Aeroporto De Faro. It offers Wi-Fi, a private pool, parking, and access to a breakfast room.

2. Aeromar Hotel

A mid-range airport hotel in Faro is the Aeromar Hotel. It’s positioned in a scenic location near the beach and offers parking, seasonal packages, and dining facilities.

3. The Real Marina Hotel and Spa

This is one of the boutique hotels in Faro that also makes the list of last minute hotels in Faro. It's close to the airport and offers four-star amenities such as childcare, pool access, free breakfast, and a full-service spa.

Spa Hotels in Faro

A spa hotel can provide the right amount of extra amenities for individuals who want to enhance their relaxation during their stay. There are two more spa hotel options you may be interested in considering during your stay.

1. Hotel Eva

Hotel Eva is a four-star spa hotel in Faro which offers guests a unique and comfortable interior design. Body scrubs, wraps, and massages -- as well as manicures and pedicures -- are offered in addition to all of the hotel’s regular amenities.

2. Hotel Vila Gale Praia

This is one of the highest-ranking lodging facilities in the Faro area. This hotel spa offers traditional hotel amenities, and its full-service spa includes treatments like massages, saunas, fitness packages, and more.

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