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Hotels in Dunedin

The second largest city on New Zealand’s south island is famous for its Scottish heritage, lively student nightlife, and for being home to the world’s steepest street. Hotels in Dunedin are perfect for discovering the quirky charms of this colourful city, as well as getting out and hiking some of New Zealand’s best tramping trails.

There’s a good reason Dunedin is known as the Edinburgh of the South, and it’s not just that the city uses the Gaelic name for the Scottish capital. Lots of streets are named after Edinburgh streets, and there’s a statue of Rabbie Burns right in the city centre. One major difference is the beaches: surfing isn’t exactly an everyday past time in Edinburgh.

Another major difference is that Dunedin once had its own influential indie music scene, the ‘Dunedin Sound’. There’s still a lively music and bar scene in Dunedin, which can probably be attributed to the city’s massive student population. The laid back, bohemian, atmosphere may also have something to do with the city’s students. The people of Dunedin were wearing big beards and no shoes before the hipsters made it cool.

Dunedin has a fun food scene. You can take trips to the Cadbury World chocolate factory, pay a visit to the famous Speights Brewery, and sample Otago’s local delicacy: the cheese roll (grated cheese, soup mix, and onion rolled and toasted in a slice of bread). This is best eaten after an evening out in one of the city’s many bars, or as a bar snack while you indulge in a few brews with the local students. Dunedin is also home to New Zealand’s first legal whiskey distillery: another nod to the city’s Scottish heritage.

There’s accommodation in Dunedin to suit all budgets and tastes. On the budget side you can choose from fun party hostels, homely guesthouses, and no-frills motels. If you’re looking to spend a little more, there are plenty of trendy boutique hotels and high-end bed and breakfasts to choose from.

 Dunedin is an easy city to get around on foot, so location isn’t too important. Just make sure your hotel isn’t at the top of Baldwin Street, the steepest residential street in the world, unless you really enjoy hill walking. The Octagon is the centre of town, so the closer your hotel is to it the nearer you will be to the heart of the action.