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Where To Stay in Pantelleria

Pantelleria is known as the black pearl of the Mediterranean. It's one of the more secluded holiday locations but one of the most beautiful. The rugged volcanic island is also home to secret getaway villas used by Italian celebrities. Hotels in Pantelleria range from comfortable, small bed and breakfast accommodation to luxurious resorts, and you can find hotels near the airport.

Lago di Venere

A short ride from many hotels in Pantelleria, this beautiful lake is an ideal spot for quiet swims or a walk along the shore. Also known as the bath of Venus, it is considered one of the most picturesque locations in the region.

1. Agriturismo Zinedi

The closest cheap hotels in Pantelleria to the lake include the Agriturismo Zinedi. It features a restaurant and stunning views for a budget price.

Pantelleria Airport Hotels

For last minute hotels in Pantelleria, it's very easy to find cheap hotels near Pantelleria Airport. It's convenient to get around the small island, as the airport is only 2 miles from the centre of the island. Lodgings near the airport are available whether you are planning to splurge or you're looking for cheap hotels in Pantelleria.

1. D'Angelo Palace Hotel

The D'Angelo Palace Hotel features spectacular seaside rooms in beautifully decorated buildings for a modest price tag. It’s a popular choice for cheap hotels in Pantelleria.

2. Residence La Casa de Fiori

For those looking for mid-range hotels in Pantelleria, the Residence La Casa de Fiori is a lovely and intimate and features spectacular food. You can explore the beaches by day and then retire to the privacy of your own space, and in the morning wake up and enjoy fresh cakes and coffee prepared daily. It's one of the finest experiences you can have at one of many of fine mid-range hotels in Pantelleria.

3. The Blue Moon

Boutique hotels in Pantelleria offer a high level of comfort and a more personal level of service. The Blue Moon features spectacular waterfront views, a hearty breakfast, sumptuous rooms, and a key location on the island. With its own fantastic restaurant and bar, the Blue Moon one is a gorgeous boutique hotel in Pantelleria and a fantastic destination.

Spa Hotels In Pantelleria

Boutique hotels in Pantelleria that feature amenities such as pools, saunas, steam rooms, and services for massages and beauty treatments are among the best in this remote location.

1. Mursia & Cossyra Hotel

In addition to the Blue Moon Hotel, the Mursia & Cossyra Hotel has luxurious accommodations for those looking to splurge. The saltwater pool is a perfect place to lounge if it's too windy at the beach, and guests enjoy many services. The lovely white building is very picturesque against the dark volcanic rocks of the island. If you are searching for last-minute hotels in Pantelleria then look for deals here.

Whether you are a budget traveller looking for cheap hotels in Pantelleria or you're looking to spend a few days being pampered after your seaside adventures, you'll have plenty of options to choose from among the many hotels in Pantelleria.