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Dreaming of a trip to Indonesia? Ternate has everything you need for a great holiday. You could visit Dodola Island, or how about spending an afternoon at Filonga island? Better still, it doesn't need to cost you the world. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you …

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Endi Hamid | Trip by SkyscannerDodola Island
Dodola Island
Endi Hamid | Trip by SkyscannerFilonga island
Filonga island
Yanti | Trip by SkyscannerFastofiri Island
Fastofiri Island
travelourplanet.com | FlickrKalamata Fort
Kalamata Fort
Yanti | Trip by SkyscannerJailolo
Yanti | Trip by SkyscannerMasjid Almunawarroh Ternate
Masjid Almunawarroh Ternate
travelourplanet.com | FlickrLake Tolire Besar
Lake Tolire Besar
travelourplanet.com | FlickrSulamadaha Beach
Sulamadaha Beach

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Ternate is one of the most beautiful area in the Eastern part of Indonesia, which is part of the North Moluccas province. It is the center of Sultante Ternate whose existence went back all the way in 1500 before it was being conquered by Portuguese (who came to the island because of its spices - nutmeg, cloves and cinamon). The islands of Ternate is also called the spice island. Other than the basic infrastructure (frequent black out, no international standard accommodation and tiny airport), the island is rich in culture and has beautiful islands nearby. It is equally difficult to reach this place as you will need to fly from Jakarta via Makassar or from Singapore via Manado. It is also famous for scuba diving, although I didn't go for scuba diving during this trip. The best way to explore the area is by joining a liveaboard cruise.

Rian Ajadeh
Rian AjadehJakarta

IDR 350.000/night #visit_Indonesia

Immanuel Sembiring
Immanuel Sembiring

Endi Hamid
Endi HamidJakarta

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