As one of the most fit cities on the planet, Vancouver simply feels healthy. The scenic beauty of Vancouver can be breathtaking, surrounded on three sides by ocean with a mountainous backdrop. If you catch the exercise bug yourself, you're in luck. Head to Stanley Park, where you can bike the Seawall Trail past urban lakes, totem poles and forest ... Read more
lands, or take the Skyride aerial tramway to the top of Grouse Mountain for a touch of skiing or snowshoeing. While the city is one of the youngest major cities in the world, Vancouver has been ranked one of the best cities to live in. For a taste of old Vancouver stroll around Gastown, where old buildings house new fashion and design stores as well as upscale eateries. Food is an obsession in Vancouver and restaurants are as diverse as they come in Canada. Vancouver’s vibrant Chinatown (second only to San Francisco in size) is a great place to hang out and grab some of the world’s best dim sum. Downtown hotels can be as expensive as they are elegant, but with an efficient bus system, neighborhood B&Bs are a cozy option.

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Vancouver has some of the best weather of any Canadian city -- in summer, that is. Winter, while not as cold as much of Canada, can see wet spells that last for days on end (which becomes a perk if you drive ... Read more
into the mountains for some skiing). Summer’s ample sun and temperatures in the low 70s (21-23C) mean that Vancouverites and tourists alike head outdoors to get a tan on the city’s beautiful beaches and participate in myriad festivals and events. Spring and fall are a little cooler, with temperatures ranging from 48-65F (9-18C), but you can still take a walk in Stanley Park, kayak in the English Bay, and get much better deals on lodging.

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So much to see and do in the city of Vancouver- from wonderful skiing, to water sports, lovely historical events and attractions and so much more.

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Yorba Linda

Family vacation stop over. Our group of 20 just finished an Alaskan Cruise and spent five days here and it was worth it.
The food, activities and the beautiful scenery, I just wish we had more time.

I will definitely be back .=)

Recommended for:Family TravellersAdventure Travellers

This city is freaking amazing, I don't know where to begin. Depending on how the 2016 elections go I may just move here.

Must do:
1) Walk / bike the sea wall. Heck, just walk / bike everywhere
2) Go to Lynn Canyon / Suspension Bridge - just a short and fun ferry ride across the water + one bus ticket (Capsilano suspension bridge is supposed to be awesome too, but I didn't get the chance to go)
3) Spend the extra cash to get a high rise Airbnb with a view. You won't regret it.
4) Go to Granville Island
5) Go paddle boarding on the water
6) In the summer they do yoga at sunset at Kitsilano Beach. Go.

You're gonna love your stay. Only downside is that there are no ride sharing services that I am aware of (Lyft, Uber, etc).

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Redwood City

A unique Canadian city, close to both the ocean and the mountains. Just north of the US border is this melting pot city full of amazing fusion food

Recommended for:Business TravellersFamily TravellersNightlife Lovers

Amazing city with so much to do. Great parks, museums, shopping and nightlife it's no surprise as to why this city constantly tops world league tables. Be sure to visit Stanley Park and Fly Over Canada.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsAdventure Travellers

Hard not to fall in love with Vancouver with the visual beauty of the ocean and the mountains in the backdrop.
The city is small enough and accessible enough to make getting around a breeze.
And the year round temperate climate beats most of freezing Canada.
Vancouver seems more Americanized than other major Canadian cities, not sure if that's good or bad.
There is a bit of a feeling of a ghost town at times as I hear that a lot of the apartments are owned by absent Asian owners.
My favorite Canadian city by far over Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, and Saskatoon.
The diversity and quality of food is top notch too.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFoodiesNightlife Lovers
Santa Cruz

Beautiful city. Clean, modern and cosmopolitan but also great for families. Lots of shops and restaurants and places to explore. Granville Island and Yaletown were my favorites places to visit.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravellersFoodiesWellness

Vancover is such a beautiful city. Lots of good food, especially seafood! Chinatown is nice too!

Menlo Park

Vancouver is a fantastic city. It's diverse population means you'll be able to find whatever it is you may be looking for.

Recommended for:FoodiesAdventure Travellers
Local from Vancouver

There's a reason why Vancouver is expensive. Where else can you snowboard & then enjoy a meal in an outdoor patio? While there may not be much history, the natural scenic beauty of Vancouver keeps drawing people here. Our dynamic & diverse culture & food make our city, though not a massive metropolis, a global city.

Recommended for:Adventure TravellersFoodiesGreen TravellersOutdoor Enthusiasts