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Where to Stay in Toowoomba

Toowoomba is a bustling city with beautiful scenery and busy marketplaces. Some of the most popular attractions are in the Blue Mountain Heights, Prince Henry and Mount Kynoch neighbourhoods. If you are looking to visit these magnificent areas, consider booking hotels near the airport. Once you find convenient lodging, you can go on spectacular day trips through the forest.

Cotswold Hills

Cotswold Hills is a peaceful suburb of Toowoomba. It features rolling hills with stunning green and blue scenery.

1. Smolev Inn

If you are looking for cheap hotels in Toowoomba, consider Smolev Inn. It is a rustic building with comfortable rooms and a complimentary breakfast. With a small-scale feel, Smolev Inn is terrific for a short stay as you pass through the town.

2. Cranley Hotel

Cranley Hotel is mid-range hotel for more adventurous travellers. You can find exquisite views from your windows and incredible service at these suites. In addition, there is plenty of parking available.


Redwood is a more populated region with a boutique hotel in Toowoomba. It is adjacent to school districts and busy train tracks that run through the heart of the city.

1. Kearney Lodge

One fantastic cheap hotel in Redwood is Kearney Lodge. With years of experience in serving local visitors, it has all the basic resources for people coming from abroad.

2. Lofis

A slightly more upscale hotel is Lofis. With a wide range of amenities, Lofis is the ideal place for longer vacations in Redwood.

Toowoomba Airport Hotels

Staying near the airport is a great way to get a head start on each day. Because of the airport's close proximity to local attractions, you will be near all the action right when you get off your flight. It is also easy to catch your departing flight and get free transportation to your hotel. Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (WTB) is the primary airport that services last-minute hotels in Toowoomba and surrounding districts.

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (WTB) Hotels

1. Calgary Hotel

Calgary Hotel is one of the cheap hotels in Toowoomba near the airport. Because it has close connections to the airport itself, there are frequent shuttles to each airline's departure point. Calgary Hotel has everything you need to feel at home in Toowoomba. With a swimming pool, conference rooms and lounges on each floor, there is no shortage of activities at this hotel for business professionals.

Spa Hotels in Toowoomba

If you want to relax and be pampered during your stay, a boutique hotel in Toowoomba with spa services will cater to your needs.

1. Jorden Hotel

Jorden Hotel provides spa services in guests' rooms or in the onsite spa facility. After a full day of sightseeing or business meetings, you can relax with a facial or massage.

Booking these hotels through our website is a fantastic way to find last-minute hotels in Toowoomba. You are able to sort by size, location and amenities, which means you won't miss out on any features that you desire.

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