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Primate skulls, various animal furs, and the severed heads of crocodiles are displayed on tables around the fetish market of Lomé, ready for purchase. Togo is the birthplace of Voodoo or Vodun, an organized religion that recognizes animistic deities and the power of possessed objects. In this country of just over five million residents, two million ... Read more
claim it as their religion, though even those who consider themselves Muslim or Christian often place faith in Vodun deities and shop the fetish markets for tokens of good fortune. While this small country has nearly 60 kilometers of coastline, national parks where elephants roam, historical slave sites, deep sea fishing, and a population legendary talent for football; it is often the Voodoo that outsiders come to see, and if this is what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it. Temples dedicated to the Python and other spirit animals, ceremonies complete with sacrificial goats, and fetish markets are all open to visitors.


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