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Iran as old as history itself inherits one of the most ancient civilizations of the planet. For many years, people from all over the world have traveled the historic trade route of Silk Road, marveling at the varied glory of the Persian Empire's great civilization. To visit Iran is a unique experience, the experience of being in the cradle of a ... Read more
great culture and civilization. Boasting three millennia of recorded history, Iran enjoys a great legacy of ruins and hallowed stonework. Persepolis and the rare impressive edifices of Isfahan as well as the Air Traps of the central desert region are the hallmarks of the Iranian unique architecture. If you simply want to walk in the footsteps of some history's most outstanding figures, this historic land is blessed with some of the best.

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  • Darake
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Hiking and Nature, Landmark
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  • Niavaran Palace Complex
    Sights and Museums, History Museum, Historic Site
    Popular withHistoryFamilies
  • Darband
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Hiking and Nature, Historic Site, Neighbourhood
    Popular withAdventureFoodies
  • Persian Garden
    Outdoors, Garden, Park
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The best time to visit Iran is in the spring (March to May) and early fall (September and October) when the weather is at its finest. However, it’s generally a good idea to avoid traveling during the country’s ... Read more
secular and religious holidays: namely the two weeks surrounding Nowruz (the Iranian New Year), the ten days before Ashura, and the month of Ramadan. By the time summer rolls around, hotel rates drop as temperatures rise, especially in the southern part of the country where temperatures can exceed 100 (38). Winters in Iran are also extreme with very cold weather in the northeast and west, though visitors will see substantial discounts on hotel prices.

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Local from Tehran

im a iranian ecotourism leader ,join me to explore iran, ali_rezvan instagram

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Local from Tehran

Tehran is capital of Iran, although there is not much in Tehran for those whom interested in adventure, there you could find 3 main palaces (one is under UNESCO heritage site), and a variety of national and international restaurants.

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Local from Tehran

This is a photo of one of the most expensive and five star hotels in tehran. You have to pay 416000 tomans for only a night!!!

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Kuala Lumpur

Tehran is the capital of Iran, a cosmopolitan city with a population of 14 million. The capital city is situated at the foot of the Alborz mountain range and is a great city to spend a few days visiting the museums, palaces, gardens and bazaars. Some of the fascinating museums and palaces to visit are the Carpet Museum, Golestan, Niavaran and Saadabad Palaces, just to name a few.

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Los Angeles

I grew up in this city, so I'm pretty bias about the city. Great city with great weather(if you exclude the pollution) you can be in the city during any season and still enjoy the city!

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Local from Tehran

Cultural Transition: Karim Khan-e-Zand Av
Karim Khan-e-Zand Avenue is one of the oldest and important ones in my capital city. This Avenue is located at the east-west between Haft-e-Tir sq. and Valiasr sq. The name of the Avenue is a reference to Karim Khan Zand, the founder of the Zand Dynasty. Jeweler stores and Publisher’s bookstore is located in this street besides café-shops.
see more features of avenue in http://gilmez.com/?p=613

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The Azadi Tower (Persian: برج آزادی‎, Borj-e Āzādi; translated: Liberty Tower), previously known as the Shahyād Āryāmehr (Persian: شهیاد آریامهر‎; English: King Memorial Tower), is the symbol of Tehran, the capital of Iran, and marks the west entrance to the city.

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Pro 2018

Tehran far exceeded my expectations and blew through many of the stereotypes / misunderstandings that I had about Iran. This amazing city has traffic that rivals Manila but is a fascinating microcosm for the country and its urban center. Large, bustling, and sophisticated. I was only here for 2 days but could easily have stayed much longer. One of the world's great cities and not as intimidating for Westerners as you might expect.

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Tehran is not what you imagine it to be. Unless of course you're picturing a culturally diverse, cosmopolitan city surrounded by snow covered mountains. Ok, ok, so the anti-American propaganda art figures prominently in some public spheres but you'd never know it if you didn't know where to look. The Den of Spies a.k.a, the American Embassy is the one place you shouldn't look but I couldn't resist. Not only was it the rallying point for the 1979 Iranian Revolution it also boasts some of the most enigmatic propaganda in the city. The Statue of Liberty with the skull face is a particular standout but don't worry, the Iranian people are really a fun loving bunch and even as an American I was treated grandly. If you befriend some of the locals, they're sure to invite you to one of their many underground parties. No nightclubs in Tehran but their 'gatherings' are off the hook!

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Local from Tehran

i love my city evry day i am in trafik hear is very buzy