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Located a sixty minute train ride form Shanghai, SUZHOU was part of the art scene in the Ming and Qing dynasties and those remnants still exerts a strong draw today. Famous for its gardens, silk factories, and interlocking canals, it has been called the "Venice of the East." The three big classical gardens are Wangshi Yuan, Shizi Lin and Zhuozheng ... Read more
Yuan, but there are other equally beautiful and less-known gardens that are considerably less crowded. The city is relatively flat and great for walking or biking.

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  • Classical Gardens of Suzhou
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  • Pingjiang Road
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  • Jinji Lake
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  • Tiger Hill
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If you are in Shanghai, Suzhou might be a good experience for a day trip. Specially recommended to go in spring, as there are lots of flowers in some of the venues.

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Foster City

Suzhou is an ancient water city, west of Shanghai. I booked a half day tour on Chirstmas Day and I was the only person on the tour so I got a private tour guide and a driver. I loved the old narrow water ways and architecture of this old water city.

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Local from Suzhou

It's my house with my living. I like some of flowers round my staying for a long time. Then there is fresh air making human healthy. It's all.

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About 100km west of Shanghai, Suzhou is home to some of the very finest examples of what this country does best: traditional garden architecture. There are a number of truly spectacular private gardens that can be visited here, but nothing beats the 'Humble Administrators Garden', which is absolutely outstanding. The areas of the Old City, with their canals and traditional houses, are pleasantly atmospheric, and there are a number of great places to stay here if you want to make it more than a daytrip from Shanghai or Hangzhou.

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Suzhou is a beautiful place which same famous as Hangzhou. Many people said the ladies from Suzhou is the most beautiful in China, like actress Liu Jia Ling, wife of Leong Chao Wei.

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Quiet canals that weave through Suzhou make for some pretty photogenic moments.


Suzhou is a nice day trip from Shanghai. The train is convenient but buying tickets can be confusing. The are two Suzhous but you want the one with the canals. We had some helpful locals point us the right one. Buy the round trip ticket as you will not be able to grab a willing cab back to Shanghai. If you haven't grabbed a map anywhere it's worth buying one from a vendor at the train station. The Beisi Tai pagoda was really neat and no one was there. The canals are also interesting to walk through but there seems to be a growing number of coffee shops which sort of detracts from the ambience. If you hit some of the side streets you get to see more of the local life with wash buckets, washing clothes in the river, community washrooms, etc. much more interesting if you ask me. The restroom at the Suzhou train station was one of the tangiest I've experienced so I would advise that you make provisions accordingly.


Xiyuan Temple is a good place to visit in Suzhou. Meet quite easy-going people there


Souzhou, located close to Shanghai is a really beautiful city. Especially the gardens, that belong to the most beautiful in whole China and maybe the world are worth a visit. Going there from Shanghai is pretty easy and anybody who stays in Shanghai for more than a few days should plan a daytrip there.


I love world-class gardens, so a visit to Suzhou near Shanghai was always a must-do for me. Of the nine great gardens in the city none of them disappoint, hence why they are a UNESCO World Heritage site - "Dating from the 11th-19th century, the gardens reflect the profound metaphysical importance of natural beauty in Chinese culture in their meticulous design."

My three favourites include the subtle Garden of the Master of the Nest with its lovely pond and stone work; the wonderful Zen Buddhist Lion Forest Garden with its interpretations of mountains, lakes and winding pathways; and, the most famous of all of Suzhou's gardens, The Humble Administrator's Garden with its amazing array of plant species and a magnificent recreation of the scenery of the Lower Yangtze.

The city also has a myriad of canals to wander along. There are few cities in China you can walk around and not feel pressured by traffic and people but this is one of those.

The main shopping precinct is as good as any in China with a huge range of good stores to choose from and plenty of nice Chinese restaurants to keep oneself fed.

This is a great side trip for 2/3 nights from Shanghai...I highly recommend it.