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If you like being outdoors -- heck, even if you like being indoors -- there is always something to do in Lake Tahoe at any time of the year. Winters are cold with temperatures often falling below freezing, ... Read more
which makes for perfect snowy bliss for the skiers and snowboarders that flock to the mountains. The summer is breezy and warm, with temperatures mostly in the upper 70s (mid 20s C), so if you are into doing outdoor sports in your shorts or bathing suit, this is the season for you. If you’d rather stay indoors at the casinos (no judgement here!), we’re sure the thermostat is set to something pleasant all year round.

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Stateline is 3miles from property...World class entertainment 4 casinos; Harrah's, Mont Bleu, Harvey's,And newly opened Hard Rock!

Recommended for:Business TravellersLuxury TravellersAdventure TravellersNightlife Lovers
Pleasant Hill

Stateline is in Douglas County Nevada and is right across the street at one point from South Lake Tahoe. The resident population is less than 1000, but the number of people here grows significantly during the busy winter and summer seasons, due to the high number of hotel rooms and rental accommodations available. We mostly pass through, although there can be some decent entertainment options.

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Redwood City

Casinos a plenty & you can be in two states at one time! There is an affordable hotel right as you cross into California.

Recommended for:Budget Travellers
San Luis Obispo

It's definitely not Vegas, baby. This straggling line-up of casinos across the Nevada state line from South Lake Tahoe is as touristy as it gets, with bad odds for gamblers, bad buffets, boozy bars and truly terrible hotel rooms (with the possible exception of Harrah's). Some fun live music and comedy shows happen here, however. For more nightlife, check out the ultra lounge at Montbleu, which also has DJs spinning at a daytime summer pool club.

Recommended for:Nightlife Lovers

So much more to offer than Vegas, and has never tried to be! It's an outdoor paradise with fantastic weather and added headliner shows and nightlife!

Think mountain lifesyle! World-class hiking, biking, skiing, golfing, boating, waterfalls. The flashing lights here are cameras trying to capture the stunning natural scenery. IF you limit yourself to just walking around the casinos, eat at buffets, especially during the day, then yes, this ain't Vegas and it ain't for everybody.

Also, choosing WHERE you stay in South Lake Tahoe matters. Personally, I prefer a great view of pristine mountains and alpine lake sunsets. On my last visit I stayed at Tahoewoods Lodging and my family did a variety of nearby action sports, something that Vegas does not come close to offering. Plus we saw great outdoor concerts in terrific weather.

San Diego
First to Review

A mini Vegas with casinos, shopping, and hotels. And if you saw the movie Smokin' Aces, you'll probably like to check out the Montbleu Resort. Beware harsh winter weather, as the passes that lead in and out of the town (and around Lake Tahoe) are easily closed up.