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This largely Buddhist Island in the Indian Ocean is a multiethnic, rainforested, beachy paradise which has survived civil war and the 2004 tsunami. Elephants, tea and coffee all grow in this teardrop-shaped land. While the summer monsoon season makes for some spectacular weather, small talk often turns to cricket-Sri Lanka’s national team is ... Read more
beloved and the sport far and away the most popular in the country. Travelers will find ample opportunity to work on their surfing skills along the coast or to get up close to wildlife, temples and tea inland. Sometimes called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is certainly as tough, and as beautiful, as that precious gem.

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Maha and Yala are two names that you should know when planning a trip to Sri Lanka. Don’t look at a map -- these aren’t cities. They are the two monsoons that bring downpours to the island. The names may sound ... Read more
pleasant enough, but they are best avoided if you hope to spend much time in the sun. Yala blows in from May through August, soaking the southwestern half of the island in 4 meters of annual rainfall. Maha, the younger, less aggressive sibling, brings about a quarter of that amount to the north and east between October and January. Precipitation aside, the weather is fairly warm year-round, with temperatures ranging from 86F (30C) at the coast to about 60F (16C) at the highest altitudes. In sum? Best time best time to see the west and south coasts and hill country is December - March, while the best weather on the east coast is from April/May to September.

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Sri Lanka is an adventure lover’s dream. The island is a jewel in the Indian ocean . Lush mountains sandy beaches and glorious history with Buddhist background. We are enriched with our own culture , traditions and beliefs. Our aim is to provide each and every customer who comes to us a truly Sri Lankan Experience.

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I am just trouism Sri Lanka bank to home, it's the very beautiful country, and I am get to know the local friend, he is rent car driver, if someone will to travel and rent the car that can contact me(facebook: +8615721413836), rent car price maybee cheaper!

Hong Kong

Sri Lanka translates to resplendent island, and deserves the name. It is a unique place famous for its tuk, tuks. If visiting I would highly suggest taking a tuk tuk to find your way around, it's highly affordable and quite a ride.

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Sri Lanka, the gorgeous island nation of the Indian Ocean has been a continuous attraction to the people all around the world. Enriched with the natural beauty, this island has a proud history and culture which spreads back thousands of years. Tourists all around the world choose this country due to its charming beauty and gorge. Whether it’s a tropical sandy beach vacation, wildlife safari tour, Ayurveda & Spa, tour of mystical ancient ruin dominated north central plains, an alluring adventure tour, beach tour, or romantic getaways to an enchanting luxury to cheap hotels Sri Lanka is the ideal place to visit. The friendly and lovely islanders will always offer the greatest hospitality to the people who arrive into this beautiful land.


A small teardrop island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka offers diverse charms to travelers. From the elephant-filled lowland to tea-planting highlands, from beaches to the mountains, Sri Lanka is a land like no other.

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Easily one of the most charming and underrated destinations in Asia, the tiny island of Sri Lanka (it's about the size of Ireland, but produces fewer hard-drinking novelists) packs an amazing -- and amazingly diverse -- range of attractions into its easily-traversed mass. With lovely, breezy beaches from Bentota in the west to Mirissa in the south to Arugam Bay in the east; with lovely colonial forts in Galle and Trincomalee; with cool mountain vistas and tea plantations in the highlands and stunning ancient Buddhist ruins in the dry zone of the central plains, it's difficult to come away from Sri Lanka disappointed. With its three-decade long civil war finally over, the whole island is looking to the future with a renewed sense of hope, and areas in the far north (like the fascinating town of Jaffna -- long an off-limits LTTE stronghold) are now open to visitors. In Lanka, you're likely to find an island with much of the beauty and little of the hassle of South India, and one which is so compact that it can easily be seen in two or three good weeks. Step off the South Asia tourist treadmill here for a moment and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

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It was very tempting to put India on this list as even buying a train ticket in India is an adventure in itself, but Sri Lanka has pipped it to the post by being compact enough to explore in a couple of weeks, but fascinating enough to keep budding adventurers like yourself going back year after year. Exploring the sacred cities of Anuradhapura and Kandi, you’ll discover a vibrant culture, millennia old, yet still going strong and now that the north of the country has finally opened up after decades of war, there’s more of old Ceylon’s secrets to unlock than ever before.

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Sri Lanka is an interesting, multi-ethnic, lesser-touristed island that offers a lot for independent travelers. Tea Country with hill towns, excellent beaches, ancient ruins, delicious food, and friendly people.

San Francisco

The best place to travel, in the world :)


Australian bred, lived and educated though by birth right I am Sri Lankan but I did not realise how deep those roots were planted till paid a visit to Sri Lanka just over 4 months ago. Now that I am there I don't want to return to my Melbourne home yet as I am enjoying and discovering too much.
Just a couple of weeks ago Lonely Planet announced Sri Lanka to be the number one destinations to travel in the world for 2013.
The Reason I opened up this thread is because I maybe slightly biased about my fascination of the island and may want to hear your own personal experiences if you have ever visited or lived in Sri Lanka as a travel destination.
Also because of the fact that I may be a source of information for those who seek tips and suggestions on travelling to Sri Lanka.
P.S. Has anyone had the chance to Whale Watch there? Bloody Amazing!!!