Sarajevo is like that friend who has managed to overcome the most screwed up of childhoods to become a wonderful, thoughtful, sensible adult with their stuff miraculously together. At once a beacon of tolerance and a symbol of the senselessness of war, Sarajevo today is a glowing, gorgeous city that warmly welcomes visitors, even as it continues to ... Read more
recover from its broken past. At the crossroads of eastern and western empires, Sarajevo was practicing religious tolerance and celebrating diversity for centuries before it became a goal of college campuses everywhere. At the same time, the city was repeatedly torn apart by war – most recently, the devastating Bosnian war of the 1990s, when Sarajevo was in the crosshairs of warring factions competing for territory after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Thousands of city residents died, and many more were injured. Today, the city has physically recovered from that war, and its still-healing spirit seems to call to the visitor like never before. And Sarajevo is happy to accommodate those visitors, providing a range of affordable backpacker hostels to five-star hotels. Don't hesitate to reserve a couple of extra days: It's easy to spend much longer than expected here, wandering Sarajevo's charming streets, immersed in past and present, and celebrating belonging and survival.

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  • Trdelnik Sarajevo
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  • Zlatna Ribica
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    Bar, Cafe
    Popular withNightlifeBackpackers
  • Buregdzinica Bosna
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    Fast Food, Local Traditional Cuisine
    Popular withFoodiesBackpackers
  • Kibe
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    Local Traditional Cuisine
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The most beautiful and charming city. Visited on a tour of the Balkans and no idea what to expect but blown away by the beauty of the city and setting, and the incredible history and resilience of the people. The history, from the ottoman era onwards, is fascinating and clearly evident as you walk through the centre. Most notable and touching is the ongoing recovery from the war and siege of the nineties. Took a wonderful tour with a woman who lived through that time to see the Yellow Fort, tunnel museum and Jewish cemetery; cannot recommend highly enough. Several museums sensitively exploring the Yugoslav war and it’s impact; the photographic exhibition on Srebrenica and the War Childhood both heartbreaking but important. Everyone should visit Sarajevo.

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Full of history, culture, nature, and last but not least, amazing Bosnian food!

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Great city to learn about war, but also eat great food and party. You can find my full guide about Sarajevo on my page.

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It is very beautiful view from this place, and you can see whole Sarajevo on a palm of your hand.

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Sarajevo is a great city.I was born in it and I love it.You can visit lots of great places.Sarajevo is multicultural.Its full of deferente people.You can visit Barščaršija.Its a historical place.You can say that its a place were you can see old bulidings buy suvenirs.You can eat are specila meal Ćevapćići and lots of our traditional food.Vistit our shopping centres they are big and great.You can visit City Haul,Cathedral,Mosqe and Church.You can stay in great hotels.If you come in winter times you must go to the mountins Bjelašnica and Igman.

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San Francisco

I went for a water polo match and was lucky enough to be able to visit the town center. I had a great time- there were a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and great clothing/trinket stores. If you have never been to Bosnia you must try the Ćevapi- its a famous local favorite, basically a sausage with a lot of spice and flavor. So delicious. There is also a lot of local history.

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A city that is way too often overlooked, Sarajevo is full of heart and hope. I spend about a week and a half in Sarajevo and a full month traveling around Bosnia. I was here on a peace and collaborative study trip and I saw the potential that Sarajevo has. It has an interesting mix of culture that makes it a Unique city. I stayed in a Hostel in the old city and it was fabulous, and close to everything you would want to see. I would highly recommend learning about the history of Sarajevo because it will give you a better appreciation for the people and city. But don't get bogged down with war stories, there are so many beautiful things to see in Sarajevo. The city itself is a testament to the courage of the people.

Recommended for:Adventure TravellersBackpackersHistory Buffs

Sarajevo is small town with beautiful old centre. Old Sarajevo looks like Turkish streets of 15th century. People are very friendly. You can visit Sarajevo on foot in one way you walk by the river and in other through main streets. You must taste for breakfast sirnica and burek. For lunch and dinner you have to taste fast food Ćevapčići (Galatasaraj, Zmaj, Željo, Hodžić). After Ćevapčići you can take some cake in caffe.


Sarajevo is a beautiful destination for the curious traveler. The city is a physical timeline beginning with the Ottoman-styled market in Baščaršija, moving to the Austrian aesthetic of Ferhadija, to the moden high-rises built after the war. A rich and complex history marks every nook of the city from the spot where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated to non-Turkish Ottoman architecture. Hidden bars and delicious cevapi are also of note.


An amzing place to come see the remnants of communism in the archetecture, the scars of war in the ruins, and the caried opinions as to where the country will be in 5-10 years. There was been a lot of reconstruction, but the stories of war are still fresh in people's minds. Everything is peaceful now, but many still think that the Dayton Accords did not create a structure for a long term solution, and there is still along way to go to integrate the schools again, and find a better way to share power than to have three leaders at once. A historical time for the city and country.