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Santo Domingo, the oldest continuously inhabited European city in the Americas and the capital of the Dominican Republic, was founded by Columbus-Bartolome, that is, the brother of Chris. The old city in the Zona Colonial is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is the major attraction for visitors. Other notable sights are Columbus' Lighthouse, where ... Read more
his remains are buried, and the barrio Malecón, with hotels, casinos and independent restaurants and cafes.

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  • Zona Colonial
    Outdoors, Landmark, Plaza
    Popular withHistoryAdventure
  • Boca Chica
    Outdoors, Beaches and Watersports
    Popular withAdventureFamilies
  • Parque Colon
    Outdoors, Historic Site, Landmark, Plaza
    Popular withFamiliesHistory
  • Jardín Botánico Nacional
    Hiking and Nature, Garden
    Popular withHistoryGreen


Santo Domingo


The most popular time of the year to visit the Dominican Republic is from mid-December to February, when the weather is perfect for the beach and everyone is running away from bad weather back home. You’ll also ... Read more
endure packed beaches in July and August as well as the week before Easter. If you’re heading here during the summer, keep in mind that the Dominican Republic is very vulnerable to hurricanes that blow through the Caribbean, especially during August and September. For the most bang for your buck, plan your vacation during the fall and spring, when temperatures are still pleasant and the seasonal crowds have rolled up their beach towels to head home.

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The zona colonial in Santo Domingo is beautiful, enchanting and wellcworth the trip. Outside is just a big city with no many attractions for a tourist, but some of the best Restaurants and Clubs

Recommended for:History BuffsNightlife LoversArt & Design Lovers

Sixty feet below the ground is where you'll find this Dominican Republic cave turned nightclub...this place is AWESOME!!! Kewl location...good times

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsNightlife Lovers
San Diego

Great place to go on a nice vacation. The weather is hot but there's many activities to do. People are friendly and willing to help out.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsLuxury TravellersAdventure TravellersNightlife Lovers
Upper Saddle River

Dominican Republic a great place to visit. Best known for golfers and beaches...

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsBusiness TravellersLuxury TravellersAdventure Travellers

Do NOT be fooled and go to Santo Domingo. if you are a civilised person, you will hate the place. there are no words to describe the filth on the streets. The place is full of beggars, hustlers and thieves. As a tourist you will feel like a piece of meat that is ready to be picked on by vultures. We were robbed broad daylight in the middle of the street. Do yourself a favour and do not to to this filth...

Recommended for:Family Travellers
New York City

beautiful city! very welcoming to foreigners I believe. Always in a good mood or laughing

Hilton Head Island

Awesome! Totally crazy huge city, about 8 million people live with in the city limits, great shopping and bargains on unique and local products, "El Duarte" is full if hidden shops and street venders. You could get a 3 piece suit custom made for about 30-50 US. Great food: the "chimi" sandwich is so good.. (Take all your shots before you go) I have no idea what kind of meet they used for the sandwich but it Rocks!! and u can throw back an old school coke cola with your meal. Yes real sugar cane in that coke! ..

Recommended for:Adventure TravellersBackpackersFoodies
United States

I love shopping there, a wonderful mix of European and American styles.
Look for Blue Mall, Aroba mall !

New York City

There wasn't much to do in this city other than go to museums. I stayed at the Jaguar Intercontinental Hotel. It wasn't worth it. Shortly after, I moved from a $300 a night room to a $40 a night room across the street. They do have a nice casino at the Jaguar, where I spent most of my time while I was there.

San Antonio
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Don't forget the $10 tourist entry fee when you arrive at the airport. They will accept cash or charge.