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  • Islote Sucre
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  • La Loma
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San Andrés


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San andrés , Colombia

San andrés is a beautiful island situated in the Caribean sea, the color green and the amazing hospitality makes San andres the perfect place to visit.

There is a lot of options to do like snorkel ( this is a must to have because the tourism is literaly visit other islands and also you are going to need aquashoes to not get hurt with the rocks ) , skydiving or just relax in the beach , I would recommend to NOT take tours with your hotel or agency because you loose the oportunity to interact with the local people ( who are really kind and friendly) who tell you more about the place than a guide.

Is very interesting to know that the natives are progeny of Englandpeople so they speak english like a sort of native language call "Krior" as the official music they have the "Calypso" that is like the reggae for that reason a lot of them are "rastas".

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Wasaga Beach

San Andres is one of the Departments of Colombia. If you're all ready for budget friendly, all-inclusive vacations then you've found your destination. What I LOVE about San Andres, is that it's biggest tourist are her own people.

The island is known as the "Mar de siete colores" (seven-coloured sea), and this is mainly due to the variations of depth, you see the full majesty of the water from above, or even to the highest spot on the island, which is also popular with local tours. The view is simply unbelievable to witness such a variety of blues.

Remember, Colombian customs need to be cleared upon arrival to the island, I believe I paid about $20 or $30 USD.

Getting around the island is purely awesome. Rent a golf buggy/cart, or a scooter. The cost is affordable for around $50 USD for a day, as well as public transportation and or hop into a taxi.

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First to Review

Picture being stranded on a desert island with the person of your dreams and you can imagine San Andres. Isla de San Andrés is the largest and most important island of the San Andrés Archipelago. Located northwest of Colombia, the island is a haven for anyone in search of long white sandy beaches surrounding a sea of seven colours ( you must see it to believe it)and a luxurious tropical paradise. Zip-lining, scuba diving, snorkeling and exploring the coral reefs are among the most popular activities. Vacation packages include access to all the different Royal Decameron hotels on the island. The people are extremely friendly and the food, which mainly consists of sea food, is exquisite. The island is also very safe.



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West View

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Stone Town

Love it....


Johnny Cay is a must visit!


I loved! The sea of San Andres is beautiful, the weather is perfect, the prices are accessible.

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simply my favorite place in the world, for those who love the beach like me, the sea is sensational and stunning!

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I love it, the best are the landscapes and the sea, perfect for relaxing

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