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Parque Nacional Madidi
Parque Nacional Madidi

Parque Nacional Madidi

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Parque Nacional Madidi, Bolivia
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Washington, D.C.

Parque Nacional Madidi is one of the most ecologically diverse areas on the plant. Located in the Amazon basin, the terrain varies from dense rainforest to the arid heights of the Andes Mountains. You reach the park via Rurrenabaque and will be immediately enveloped in the wilds of the place. While unassisted hiking is permitted, it's best to hire a guide to take full advantage of this incredible area.

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Punting our self-built bamboo raft through the piranha and caiman infested waters of the Amazon basin” “is probably something you’d never think you’d write about in your lifetime, but head for the quirky jungle town of Rurrenabaque in the Bolivia Amazon and that sort of experience comes to life.

Rurre (as it is affectionately shortened to) is on the edge of the rainforest and the pampas, which makes it an ideal eco-tourist destination as both ecosystems offer exquisite wildlife encounters and adventures.

The highlight for us was the Madidi National Park (rainforest) where we departed on a motorised long-boat that took us up the Tuichi River for 8 hours and where we camped for 4 nights. From here we tracked monkeys, birdlife and tapir. However the highlight was back at camp when a black jaguar decided to swim towards us from the other side of the river…quite amazing! Having later built the aforementioned bamboo raft from driftwood we spent a few hours idling along the river, jumping in for swim when it got too hot. The piranha’s you ask? Well it seems there are many different species and the ones in this section of the river luckily were not man-eaters.

The pampas trips are equally worthwhile, where you’ll get see the world’s biggest rodent: the Capybara, pythons and great birdlife, but undoubtedly the stars of the show are the Amazonian pink dolphins that thrive in the fresh water. These are truly wonderful creatures to see, both shy and inquisitive, the challenge is to get a photo of them before they pop-up on the other-side of the boat!

I say pink dolphins were the highlight, but they were upstaged at the last moment by another black jaguar walking across the track on the way back to Rurre.

Definitely one of my favourite places for wildlife in the world.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsGreen TravellersBackpackers
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A savage experience. There are two different types of deadly butterflies in the park, it seems like half the things you encounter are life threatening. However, incredible scenery, and biodiversity. Be prepared for humidity, and difficult trekking. It is completely disorienting the whole time, as the foliage is too dense to see the sun, so you are constantly lost. Definitely go with a reputable guide. A very unique experience.

Parque Nacional Madidi

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