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Rosario is Argentina's third-largest city, and is a major railway hub for the country. Numerous cultural centers, theaters and museums fill the city. After dark, a vibrant nightlife makes the city come alive.

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  • Rock & Feller's
    8.58 reviews
    American, Argentinian, Pubs
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies
  • Johnny B Good
    8.03 reviews
    American, Argentinian, Bar
    Popular withNightlifeStudents
  • Havanna
    10.01 review
    Coffee and Tea, Cafe
  • Antares Rosario
    9.04 reviews
    Popular withNightlifeHipsters

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  • 9.8
    Family Travellers
  • 8.5
    Adventure Travellers
  • 7.8
  • 7.0
    Nightlife Lovers
  • 7.0
    Art & Design Lovers

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Buenos Aires

Vibrant, young city. Just three hours from buenos aires by car, you will find a really nice city with a lot of parks and green spots, nightlife, restaurants and a piece of argentine history because of some great monuments, flag monument being the most important one.

Recommended for:Nightlife Lovers

I accidentally ended up spending two weeks in Rosario instead of Buenos Aires, and I completely fell in love with it. Plus, a great Spanish school (Spanish in Rosario) kept me busy and getting to know the local culture.

The third largest city in Argentina (pop 1.3mil), the city isn't the most attractive on first glance. The streets can be dirty, there's lots of exhaust pollution, and some of the Soviet-style apartment buildings are downright depressing.

But then you peel away the layers and fin gorgeous colonial-style homes, a 15-km-long costanera playground along the Paraná River, a nearby river island with a dozen laid-back Caribbean-style beach clubs.

If you want to study in Argentina without the hassle and expense of Buenos Aires (and where you can spend a week not encountering a single English speaker), consider Rosario. There's a great local art scene, and coming across a tango milonga or breakdancing competition on the costanera on a warm Sunday evening can't be beat.

Recommended for:Adventure TravellersArt & Design LoversStudents
First to Review

I loved Rosario compared to Buenos Aires. It was a great city to just walk around and can also be walked around in at night. There is a lot to do, including enjoy art, enjoy the markets, shopping, looking at the architecture, enjoy the beaches, sit and eat some good food. The only draw back I can say about Rosario... the hungry mosquitos.

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversBudget Travellers

After visiting a lot of cities in South America, I finally found it! Rosario is the place to live. No, it's not as glamorous as BA, but compensates it with a total unique culture and atmosphere, similar to BA, different at the same time and captivating. When you spend one day in Rosario, you feel it "I could live here". Meet with locals at Fenicia after sunset for local made beer. Spend an afternoon strolling the 10 Km shore or "costanera", full of parks, local artists, young kissing couples, culture and "mates". Walk around downtown and discover all those cafes, bars, small theaters and street artists. This is not staged for tourists (you actually won't see many around). Women are breathtaking, man are casual, stylish and seductive. As you spend more time in Rosario, you'll feel your heart bitting and your soul complete and you might not want to ever leave.

Buenos Aires

Rosario is one of the main cities from Argentina, located like at 3 hours from Buenos Aires. Rosario is at the side of the Parana River which gives it a nice view of the river and some beaches. It's also a patriotic point of history as there you can fid the national monuments to Argentinean flag.


Great city!

Buenos Aires

It´s a great spot but just for a weekend!


An awesome place!

Local from Rosario

Es un lugar hermoso, con mucha cultura. Increíbles espacios verdes donde disfrutar con familia y amigos.
Lugares históricos y museos que conocer, para conocer parte de la historia Argentina.

Recommended for:Family TravellersGreen TravellersStudents