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Nepal is a spectacular example of the wonders plate tectonics can produce. As the Indian subcontinent collides with Eurasia, the Himalaya mountain range has arched its back, and today this compact, landlocked country contains eight of the planet's 10 tallest mountains. But one does not need to be a peak-bagging Sir-Edmund-Hillary-wannabe to enjoy ... Read more
this layer-cake of a country. Nepal grows steadily in elevation south to north, and each altitude-swath is dressed in its own fabulous attractions: The relatively low and warm south is stocked with tiger-thick jungles. The hill region north rises as high as 12,000 feet (“hills” that would be described as mountains anywhere else on earth) and include vast regions of warm people living traditionally, as well as the Kathmandu Valley and its metropolis of 5 million people. The great Himalayas are the furthest north, attracting trekkers unafraid of heights. The Annapurna circuit is Nepal's most popular trekking region, where travelers can hike all day through sublime scenery that leaves them floating, and then touch ground again with a beer and a slice of apple pie at a local tea house. Nepal is still recovering from a violent, 10-year civil war, but its population is famously welcoming of outsiders. Its current government is young, but in many ways it is more progressive than its gargantuan neighbors China and India: it has legalized gay marriage and done away with the death penalty. Lodging in Nepal tends to be very affordable. Kathmandu is home to hundreds of hotels, from simple hostels to beautiful retreats, including the famous five-star hotel Yak and Yeti. Further afield tea houses often double as lodges. Because the country is overwhelmingly hindu, don't expect its restaurants to serve up much beef - goat and buffalo meat are much more common. Vegetarians will delight in the quantity and variety of options available to them.

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Things to see and do in Nepal

  • Swayambhunath Stupa
    9.046 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Temple
    Popular withSpiritualOutdoorsy
  • Bhoudhanath Stupa
    8.539 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Temple
    Popular withSpiritualAdventure
  • Kathmandu Valley
    8.240 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Monument
    Popular withBackpackersGreen
  • Kathmandu Durbar Square
    8.734 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Landmark
    Popular withHistorySpiritual




Most visitors tend to travel to Nepal when it’s not too cold and not too rainy. October and November, after the monsoon season of June - September has ended, is the perfect time of year to appreciate the ... Read more
spectacular Himalayan views. By December, the temperatures begin to plummet, especially at night, and because some of the cheaper guesthouses don’t have heat or uninterrupted hot water, you'll need to do your research or bring lots of extra layers if you're not able to pay a bit more. By mid-February through May, the weather starts heating up rather quickly and it can be very dry and dusty, but this is still a solid second-best time to visit.

Top Nepal restaurants

  • Forest & Plate
    6.73 reviews
    Asian/Pacific, Vegetarian
    Popular withFoodiesVegetarian
  • Bawarchi
    8.73 reviews
    Chinese, Indian, Fusion
    Popular withFoodiesVegetarian
  • OR2K Restaurants
    9.36 reviews
    Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegan
    Popular withFoodiesVegetarian
  • Himalayan Java Cafe
    9.36 reviews
    Coffee and Tea
    Popular withBackpackersAdventure

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Nepal is best destination for trekking, hiking, peak climbing, expedition, rafting, jungle safari, bird watching, rock climbing and many more. if you are seeking local tour/trek agency for book your trip, Please contact us , we will provide our best services.

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The most exciting tours that can happen in Nepal with diverse culture and tradition of different ethnic groups, thousand years back dates monuments & Temples and the amazing people. Fully cultural and religious tours in Kathmandu valley, world heritage sights (UNESCO) tours, Safari and National parks tour, Pilgrimages tours to Lumbini and Muktinath Temples, Rural village tour & adventures tours in mountains, are all mind blowing tours through out Nepal.

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Nepal is the most beautiful and stunning Himalayan country in the world. Though small in size, it is known in the world as a nation of color and contrasts-a hidden Shangri-La of nature, culture and adventure.

Looking forward to welcome you and your friends in Nepal !!

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Nepal, the land of Gods provides heavenly experience to its travelers. Warm hospitality of Nepalese people together with rich & unique culture, and natural beauties is sure to make you feel joy within yourself.

Please get help from lonely planet books and local travel agent to plan a best holiday.

Cheers :)

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Gorgeous, colorful, diverse, and cheap, Nepal is a highlight of independent travel in Asia. Check out the medieval quarters of Kathmandu or Patan, circumambulate the enormous Boudhanath stupa, or trek to Everest Base Camp. Few countries on earth are more blessed with stunning natural beauty than Nepal, even if it's also firmly on the tourist trail.

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Nepal Introduction ( is an insightful electronic guide to this traveler's paradise. along with maps and gorgeous photos, it covers Nepal’s attractions and highlights with info on practical information for travellers (e.g., seasons, festivals, nightlife, health and safety) to cultural and natural treasures. best travel companion i had in Nepal.


Nepal Is a popular tourist destination, most popular for adventure, trekking & sightseeing.

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Gorgeous mountains. Kind people. Spectacular food. Nepal has something for everyone -- only downside is that too many people now know this and the number of tourists can sometimes be stifling. A spectacular country. Find your own path and Nepal will reward.

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Mumbai (Bombay)

Nepal is has a rustic old world charm to it! The main tourist city of Thamel has narrow lanes littered with shops selling garments, artifacts, mementos.
Thamel also has amazing night spots like the 'Funky Buddha' and 'Electric Pagoda' which are just magical!

Electric pagoda was my favorite-You can order a few drinks and smoke a 'J' while listening to some soothing electronic music all while taking in the graffiti and mood lighting of the place.

Then there are activities such as rafting on a winding river with scenic mountains on both sides.

If you are a electronic music enthusiast then you can visit nepal for 2 festivals 'Mountain Madness' and "Shanti Yatra'!
I was there for Shanti and it was just magical on top of a mountain with a 360 degree view and the snow capped Himalayas in the distance.
Nepal is cheap-food, alcohol and accommodation.
Stay in Thamel and travel from there to various locations!


Nepal, I miss u much. Snow mountains, smiling and friendly people ... and u.