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  • benidorm
    Ranked #1 overall in Melilla hotels
    1 review
    • Parador de Melilla
      Ranked #2 overall in Melilla hotels
      • Free WiFi
      • Restaurant
      • Swimming Pool
      • Free Parking
    • Anfora
      Ranked #11 overall in Melilla hotels
      • Rusadir
        Ranked #10 overall in Melilla hotels
        • Hotel Samu
          Ranked #9 overall in Melilla hotels
          • Mirasol Hotel
            Ranked #8 overall in Melilla hotels
            • Hotel Nacional Melilla
              Ranked #7 overall in Melilla hotels
              • Hostal Thuami
                Ranked #6 overall in Melilla hotels
                • Albergue Campamento Juvenil El Fuerte de Rostrogordo
                  Ranked #4 overall in Melilla hotels
                  • Albergue Residencia Juvenil de Estudiantes y Deportistas
                    Ranked #5 overall in Melilla hotels
                    • Anfora
                      Ranked #3 overall in Melilla hotels

                      Where to Stay in Melilla

                      Travellers to Spain find that there's plenty to do in Melilla. Situated on the Mediterranean, this city is home to waterfront restaurants, bars, and historical buildings. This is one of only two Spanish cities located in Africa, and booking a room at one of the hotels near the airport lets you see all the sights. Visit the Museum of Archaeology and History or the Military History Museum while in the area. One of the top destinations in the city is the Capilla de Santiago, or Chapel of Santiago. You'll love the gothic architecture that sits inside the city walls.

                      Central Melilla

                      1. Rusadir Hotel

                      Some of the best cheap hotels in Melilla are found near the city centre, including the Rusadir Hotel. Amenities include a restaurant, Wi-Fi, and conference rooms. The spacious suites are designed with soothing colours and luxurious bedding.

                      2. TRYP Melilla Puerto Hotel

                      The TRYP Melilla Puerto Hotel is a mid-range option and ideal when you need last-minute hotels in Melilla. You can take advantage of the fully equipped gym, excellent breakfast buffet, and modern rooms.

                      3. Parador De Melilla

                      Boutique hotels in Melilla can provide you with stunning views of the water and surrounding city. The Parador De Melilla has a seasonal swimming pool, and the sun terrace is nestled among beautiful gardens.

                      Melilla Airport Hotels

                      Melilla Airport (MLN) is the only facility serving this area, and it provides people with easy access to the Mediterranean as well as all of the local sights. Start your vacation in record time by staying near the airport. You also will be closer to the facility for your outgoing flight, and you'll still have easy access to all the sights and attractions in the city.

                      1. Hotel La Giraldo

                      Cheap hotels in Melilla can be found near the airport, and the Hotel La Giraldo is an excellent choice. It's roughly 8 miles from the airport, but the low prices are among the best in the region. Free internet and free parking are available.

                      2. Hotel Anfora

                      Save money with mid-range, last-minute hotels in Melilla. The Hotel Anfora has lovely views and is just about 1 mile from the airport. You can relax on the terrace and enjoy dinner in the main restaurant. There's also a fitness centre where you can get in your morning workout.

                      3. Hotel Nacional Melilla

                      Boutique hotels in Melilla provide you with a friendly atmosphere and relaxing rooms. The Hotel Nacional Melilla is located less than 1 mile from your transportation destination. It has a bar/restaurant and free internet.

                      Spa Hotels in Melilla

                      1. Hotel Mercure Rif Nador

                      The Hotel Mercure Rif Nador is a family-friendly hotel offering a range of amenities. You can relax in the indoor or outdoor pool, and the hotel also has a swimming area just for kids. With a concierge service and complimentary breakfast, you can focus more on taking in the sights of this impressive city.

                      Visit Skyscanner online to filter hotels in Melilla by different amenities or price ranges. We'll make it easy for you to book your reservations and start your trip to Melilla off on the right foot.

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