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Born in the aftermath of a flood, and cultured in the crucible of colonialism, Kochi's journey through the tumultuous ebb and flow of the region's history has made it the thriving city it is today: home to ~2 million people from every culture and walk-of-life. The mish-mosh of cultural influences will be evident to anyone spending any time in the ... Read more
city: every attraction is representative of a different origin and time-period. Chinese fishing nets are iconic and can be found at Fort Kochi Beach-- they were gifted to the king of Kochi in the 14th century; Santacruz Basillica, the first European church built in Asia, is a beautiful reminder of the impact of imperialism; Princess street, full of nightlife and Indo-European architecture, serves as a cultural hub in the popular tourist area of Fort Kochi. If you're looking for a spiritual experience, you can find temples, mosques, churches and other places of worship for just about every religion under the sun. Otherwise, there are markets selling antiques, museums showing precious works of art, both regional and imported, and plenty of opportunity for lounging-- lest we forget that this is a sub-tropical island-city. The proximate islands that make up the entirety of Kochi are all accessible by a number of means, the most romantic and fun being ferry-- take a boat over to Fort Kochi beach to watch the sunset behind the Chinese fishing nets; there's a feeling of awe that can't be described.

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  • The Backwaters
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  • Chinese Fishing Nets
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    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Landmark
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  • LuLu Mall
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    Shopping, Mall
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  • Kerala Kathakali Centre
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Kochi is a special place
There are many tourism places over there
I really lovel kochi

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Completely solar powered! Beautiful and green, lots of small shops for food and books.

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San Francisco

I really liked the aesthetic of Kochi. The green mixed with the buildings was a beautiful sight, even when it came to houses overtaken by nature. The fishing area was interesting, although very messy.

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San Francisco
Community Manager

During your time in Kerala you'll want to spend a few days exploring Kochi, including the waterfront, the churches, the markets, and the food scene. Much calmer than many other Indian cities but still plenty of excitement and activity.

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Very calm and it's a must when u come to Kerala since it's a specialty the backwaters

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This city is amazing located at the river banks .. Looks great .. Nice to visit with family and friends ..

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good place to visit nice city, the small coconutfaber factory, the jewish synagoge they like to have visitors and they explain the situation very friendly.

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The commercial and business center of Kerala, Kochi is smartly divided between the precincts of Ernakulam (the market district, where the rail junction is) and the quaint colonial zone of Fort Cochin across the water. Fort Cochin is the main draw for the city, and its waterside location, good restaurants and shopping, and picturesque cantilevered fishing nets are all rather lovely, even if it's a pretty serious tourist trap. There's a ton of lodging here in all price ranges. Ernakulam, on the other hand, draws fewer tourists, but it's a tiny, prosperous little town, and fun to explore when the hokey-ness of Fort Cochin starts to wear thin.

Recommended for:History Buffs
Tel Aviv

Cochin (also known as Kochi) on the Keralan coast sits in the center of the state. It a very beautiful and interesting place to stay and explore. Mattancherry Peninsula is the historical part of the peninsula where picturesque allies, fishermen’s Chinese nets and the magnificent Fort Cochin and neighborhood Jewtown with its ancient synagogue and old street attract tourists from all over the world. Fort Cochin also has wonderful architecture, sophisticated guesthouses and hotels and restaurants that line the sea front. There a lot to do and see in Cochin. You can visit The Dutch Palace Museum, watch a kathakali performance (traditional Keralan theater with dance, mime, music, and costumes symbolizing the stories of Indian mythology), or simply stroll around the old town. A great place to take a walk is Manchari, on the sea front, to see the Chinese fishing nets used by fishermen in Kerala. If you arrive in the morning you can see the fishermen returning with fish and bring it to the docks.

Walking around Jew town, the city of the Jews is another great way to spend the day .It was once a lively Jewish neighborhood although today most of the Jewish community who lived here in the past no longer live there but there are still around five families from the original community that reside there. The Synagogue at the end of the street is has an impressive Spanish-style courtyard and many old tombstones written in Hebrew. Today the area feels a bit like a market place with lots of antiques and spice shops.

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The Chinese fishing nets (Cheena vala) are fishing nets that are fixed land installations for an unusual form of fishing, It is believed that traders from the court of the Chinese ruler Kublai Khan introduced these nets here. Oddly, these nets are found only in Kochi, outside China!Many fishermen earn their livelihood by fishing using these massive nets. A whole stretch of the coast along Fort Kochi and Vypeen are dotted with these nets.