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Hobart, the capital of Australian province Tasmania, is anything but devilish. Small and charming, Hobart lives by the water. The Derwent River winds through the city, just a few minutes walk from the docks where yachts and fishermen park and work. Fresh, local fish is available in many restaurants, while attractions tend towards the outdoors-y ... Read more
with open-air markets, cruises, and walks up Mt. Wellington leading the pack.

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Tasmania is a beautiful state and although it's good to visit Hobart, much of the beauty is found in the national parks outside the state capital. Definitely worth a visit, but use it as more of a base than anything else.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsHipsters
Foster City

Interesting town in beautiful Tasmania, worth a visit in their summer time if you’re an outdoor adventurer there are many places for nature.

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New York City

Hobart is the perfect spot to begin a Tasmania trip. Its small airport is located right outside of the center of the city. The waterfront area is small and walkable. Foodies will delight in exciting restaurants, lots of seafood, good coffee, and local wine. Art lovers should ride the ferry and the spend the day at MONA, the place that put Hobart on the travel map. While adventure enthusiasts will use the city as a jumping-off point for the rest of the state.

Note: Despite its new reputation as an "it" spot, Hobart is still pretty sleepy. Even during the summer, everything closes early, and there's little nightlife.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsAdventure TravellersArt & Design Lovers

The capital and largest city of Tasmania it was enjoyable just to walk around and see the area. Weather can be changeable.

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San Francisco

Hobart is a sleepy little seaside town in Tasmania with good coffee and food options. Be prepared for most things to be open between 10am to 5pm. Small Fry and Play Ground are terrific coffee options. Small Fry is excellent for breakfast and lunch plus Templo (make a reservation) is a lovely upscale dinner option if you can get a table at the small restaurant. In Battery Point, don't miss A Tiny Place for brekkie! MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art), is a definite conversation starter and the building's architecture is impressive.


From sleepy state capital to one of Australia's most up-and-coming city destinations - thanks to an interesting arts scene and plenty of independent, and sometimes quirky, places to shop and eat. Well worth exploring.

Recommended for:History BuffsHipstersArt & Design Lovers

Tasmania's pretty, historic capital city has an immediate charm that's hard to ignore.The colonial architecture is picture-perfect, the arts scene vibrant, and the natural setting splendid. As an added treat, it boasts one of Australia's best dining scenes. It's worth devoting at least three days to the city.

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversFoodiesOutdoor Enthusiasts

This will be phenomenal trip to Australia in Hobart. I must say if you are planning for adventurous trip and more excitement with family or planning for solo traveling too then also this place will be one of best in Gold Coast Region.

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Santa Clara
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Hobart is the largest city in Tasmania. While it's not a huge city, the small town vibe offers an intimate view to a visitor, who's not familiar with the place (such as the case when I came there in 2008). In addition, there are plenty of interesting restaurants nearby, whether you want seafood, Japanese, Indian, and so forth.

Recommended for:Family TravellersFoodies

Hobart and Tasmania, in general, was one of the best places that we ever visited. We're the kind of travellers that like to mix urban adventures with wild adventures with a side of delicious food. Tasmania delivers on all accounts. There is so much to do within 90 minutes drive of Hobart that you can easily get out and see amazing scenery and landscapes during the day and get an amazing meal in the evening.

A couple of tips from our trip:
- Rent/hire a car. Hobart is small and there is so much to do within a 90 minute drive that you don't want to limit yourself to public transportation. You'll be happy you did.
- Splurge and go on one of the half-day or day-long cruises. It's worth it. Trust me.
- Go to the Museum of Old and New Art. Set aside a day for it. You will not be sorry you did. I'm not a huge fan of museums in general, but loved the experience of the MONA. My favorite museum of all time.
- Set aside two days for hiking/bush walking. One day plan to explore the eastern side of the island with its numerous farms and endless bays, on the second day head west into the temperate rainforest. You'll get two very different experiences that are both worth having.
- Plan ahead. The towns outside of Hobart are small and sometimes it can be difficult to find restaurants in which to eat. I'm all for discovery but would've loved to know that outside of Hobart finding restaurants can sometimes be hard to find.