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The Fairy Bridge

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Feng Shan Xian, Hechi, Guangxi, China
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Longest Natural Bridge Span
Length: 400 ft.

Though bridges are one of the greatest examples of human engineering, they are hardly a creation unique to man: rock archways hewn by Mother Nature (usually by erosion) likely provided inspiration for our brick-and-steel masterworks. And wouldn’t you know it, even in this category of bridges, China still dominates. The country is home to three of the longest natural bridge spans in the world, including the 400-foot stunner over the Buliu River near the border of Vietnam. Carved out of a limestone karst, the Fairy Bridge (Xianren Qiao) is an isolated structure accessible only by a three-hour rafting trip.

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The Fairy Bridge

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Aliases: Xian Ren Qiao

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