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This mammoth park contains one of the largest volcanoes in the world, and also the most dangerous volcano in the U.S. Titanic Mauna Loa is responsible for forming most of the Big Island; her little sister, Kilauea, has been erupting continuously for decades, periodically consuming another few houses or a park entrance. Since 1983, Kilauea's hot ... Read more
lava has been flowing at various rates and from various vents down the blackened southeastern edge of the island and is obviously a stunner of a vista, if you can safely approach it. There are hundreds of miles of trails in the park, some taking you across barren lava-scapes and others through jungles. There are also historic sites worth checking out, like the footprints in the lava dating to 1790 and the Whitney Laboratory of Seismology, built by prisoners in 1912.

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park


Although the temperatures at sea level remain largely the same around the island with daytime highs reaching 80F (26C) in winter and 90F (32C) in summer, the amount of rain you’ll see depends on which coast you ... Read more
are on: the northern and eastern sides have a wetter and more tropical, whereas the western and southern sides are drier and more and desert-like. High-season from December to April means there are fewer bargains to be found and more tourists in Hawaiian shirts to battle for beach space, so if you can afford the vacation time in any other month, it’s definitely worth it.

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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Great park and lots of places drive, walk and get a good view of the crater. Be ready for changeable weather.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravellersAdventure Travellers
Spirit Lake

How can you go to the Big Island and not see this?? You may not see spewing lava, but you can walk across the crater, if the park has that trail open. Be sure to bring rain gear and wear layer clothing. Cooler up there.

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Check out the website first, the lava conditions are always changing and if you are lucky you may get to see lava actively flowing. There are lava tube tunnels to walk through, calderas to peer into, steam vents, hikes, an art gallery, a restaurant, and guided nature walks. They also have a cute program that allows kids to complete a small booklet along their visit and be sworn in as Junior Ranger. Leave early and plan to spend the entire day.

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Grab the guidebook Hawaii: The Big Island Revealed and go on a fantastic hike through the Volcano National Park! Gorgeous sites!

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsAdventure Travellers

Go two hours before sunset to explore and then just before sunset, go to the observation point to see the real show.


This adventure is recommended in both day AND night! Hike the endless trails and see lava! Be sure to visit at night and see the glow in the dark evening sky! The pass is good for several days!


Another must see when on the Big Island, home of the famous Kīlauea Volcano!

Foster City

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is place for fascinating world of active volcanoes, and you can learn a lot from the tour at the Visitor's Center. One of my favorite parks to visit.

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Our rental is located not 10 miles like it says here but just 5 minutes (less than 2 miles) away from the entrance of the park. Do not miss the beautiful eruption! Great for hiking and biking.

Huntington Beach

Home of Kilauea Volcano, Holei Sea Arch, Chain of Craters Road, tons of things to do & see!

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