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An unincorporated U.S. territory, Guam is the most populous island in Micronesia and a blend of American and Pacific influences. The main city of Tumon is where most accommodations are found, along with duty-free shopping, yes, outside of the airport. The native language, Chamorro, isn’t extremely widely spoken but some words do creep into the ... Read more
daily English of the inhabitants, and you can visit a monument to the fallen soldiers of the WWII battles fought on Guam. Restaurants include big American chains, as well as locals with fresh seafood and, the farther away from the main area of Tumon you go, Chamorro and other ethnic offerings.

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  • Two Lovers Point
    Outdoors, Scenic Lookout
    Popular withBackpackersOutdoorsy
  • Talofofo Falls
    Outdoors, Entertainment, Park, Water Park
  • The Beach
    Bars, Clubs and Nightlife, Bar
    Popular withFamiliesBusiness
  • Ypao Beach Park
    Entertainment, Water Park
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  • 9.8
    Adventure Travellers
  • 9.2
    Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • 9.1
    Family Travellers
  • 7.9
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    History Buffs

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Guam, the nearest USA destination you can travel to (less than 11hours). I flew from Singapore to Manila, then to Guam using the multi-city feature.

The whole city looks like the old 80s town of USA. However, every year it attracts many wedding couples here to say their vows at the amazingly-beautiful churches. Due to the proximity to Japan, you'll also see many Japanese families dining and shopping in the town. One tip for travelling in Guam is to rent a car and drive because their public transport isn't as efficient.

2 memorable things for me are: I did my first skydiving at 11,000 feet in Guam and I fall in love with the pancake restaurant – Eggs N Things that I visited them every morning religiously.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravellersAdventure TravellersSolo Female

A gorgeous island. It's small but it really does look like a tropical paradise. Being part of the US, I enjoyed calling friends and gloating about where I was. Worth it.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsAdventure Travellers

Guam is an amazing island with many hiking trails and abundant hidden treasures. The local farmers markets are worth checking out.

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Iwakura, Aichi

The sea was soooooo beautiful :) Guamanian people, everyone was gentle. There was a person who copies a Japanese entertainer, too, and it was fascinating.There was a pool which isn't in Japan, and the pool in a hotel was fascinating. Guam was dry and more comfortable than Japan.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravellersStudentsHistory Buffs

Guam is a super island and a pleasure for a holiday. We were here for a wedding & it was a very different occasion to what we are used to in the UK. And all the better for that. Things are generally expensive but there is plenty to do which costs nothing. Walking, swimming etc. Wonderful skies & scenery. If the opportunity arrives I would come again.

Recommended for:Family TravellersAdventure Travellers

It's been a really nice trip here in Guam. The food is great, the kind hospitality of the people and and those breath taking views that you wish your eyes could take pictures. ❤️

Guam's crystal clear waters will certainly soothe your soul. Their serene beach would really de-stress you. You can also take a submarine and tour around the sea where you can see the sunken WWII plane in the coasts of Guam or the beautiful coral reefs and sea creatures you can see.

I can say it was actually one of the best trips I had so far ❤️ def. a must-see before you die trip ❤️

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Los Angeles

This is a bit distance from the mainland U.S.A. This place is more well-known for Japan. It is like their Hawaii about 4 hours flight. American just don't come here unless your are in the armed force. There's a lot of military present in the island. Military and Japanese tourist are what drive this island. Downtown Guam would felt like you in Japan, a lot of Japanese business present. The water is very clean, excellent for surfing and water related activities.

San Jose

It's probably about 80-90 degrees year round, and anywhere you are on the island is about 15 minutes from a beach. The water is always clear and warm. The colors are always vivid. Life is slow and relaxed. Not bad for a dot in the Pacific.

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Beautiful place the last Paradise in on it, it's like Hawaii 40 years ago.

Sierra Vista

LOVED it. I didn't like the constant tremors and earthquakes but loved it enough to go back to visit and perhaps live there again.