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Three things come to mind when most think of Greater Miami: miles of beaches, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and no-boundaries spring break vacations. The truth is, Miami is also home to a healthy dose of the arts (the annual gargantuan art fair Art Basel and the Miami City Ballet are just two examples) as well as a large banking and business ... Read more
sector. The region is urban glamour perfected: from ritzy Lincoln Road to bohemian Coconut Grove, the fabled parties on Miami Beach to the world-famous Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, Greater Miami has plenty to offer and excite. It's also a proudly diverse area: the many neighborhoods of Miami envelop a large Hispanic population, with over half of the residents claiming Spanish as their first language.

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  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
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  • Miami Design District
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  • Wynwood Walls
    Sights and Museums, Art Gallery
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  • South Beach
    Beaches and Watersports, Beach, Neighbourhood
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December through April is when all of the snowbirds (read: visitors from northern states looking for a place to thaw out) flood the beaches to take advantage of Miami’s warmth, with temeratures in the mid 70s ... Read more
(24C). While battling the crowds is normally something to avoid, this city has a pretty tolerable high season, in part because there are enough hotels to handle the spike, and also because the city is alive and buzzing with exciting activity, including the splashy Art Basel Miami Beach in December, during this time. The alternative would be to come between May and November when the weather is hot, reaching 90F (32C), and hurricanes are ever-looming.

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Local from Miami

Until recently, this was my go to app to see what was doing wherever I was. Then suddenly things changed.
Now the section that featured what was doing this week is gone, and other then when i am someplace new, there is no reason to open this app

Pro 2018

Miami is fun, vibrant and with plenty of restaurants, malls to chose from , also weather is decent when not raining

Recommended for:Family TravellersFoodiesNightlife Lovers

Born and raised here. Hands down thee best place on earth. Bars clubs beaches museums shopping downtown malls parks man Miami is Uber awesome

Recommended for:BackpackersAdventure TravellersArt & Design Lovers

I grew up here. Lived here about 20 years and go back at least two weeks a year.


Never surf, sun and serendipity. I could live in Miami for 10 years and find something different to do every day. The people, food, fashion and energy grab a hold and never let go. I LOVE it.

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Puerto Vallarta

Miami is a very unique city, even though it is in the US it certainly doesn't feel that way.


Although a fairly 'new' city...well it was only incorporated in 1898, Miami has a nuanced historical charm that should be explored. Take a stop first at the HistoryMiami museum which will wet your palate with whimsical stories and artifacts from Miami's beginnings. Then, take a trolley through downtown Miami and visit sites such as the ancient Tequesta Indian excavation. Or head over for some Latin flavor in Little Havana. While you're there, don't forget your café con leche. Then, head on over to sunbathe at Cape Biggs where you'll surely see native Florida birds and wildlife doing the same.

Colonia Tovar

Miami is a major center and a leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade. In 2012, Miami was classified as an Alpha-World City in the World Cities Study Group’s inventory. In 2010, Miami ranked seventh in the United States in terms of finance, commerce, culture, entertainment, fashion, education, and other sectors. It ranked thirty-third among global cities.

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Miami is an exciting and unique city that spreads across numerous bays and beach fronts. The city bolsters it's own unique culture and architecture that makes it one of the most interesting beach front cities in America. It does not get cold in Miami and many Americans will flock there in order to swap harsh northern winters for seventy degree beaches.

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Pro 2018

Miami is a city I really adore. I like it for its colours, climate, relaxed atmosphere, beaches, restaurants, hotels. I've been several times, but I enjoy going back again and again. I like it for its capability of renewing and creating new attractive areas.

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