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The charm of Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, and the surrounding area is really the people and the culture rather than the monuments and architectural charm that often attract travelers to major European cities. Here the draw includes hundreds of boisterous pubs (like those of Temple Bar), live music (including unique Irish jam sessions), a ... Read more
healthy literary scene, unique museums -- Bram Stoker museum? yes! --- and many other intimate urban corners where one can rub shoulders with affable locals for a more localized introduction to the modern version of this mythic country. Don't be surprised if you join them for a cold beer or a whiskey while you're getting settled in.

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  • Guinness Storehouse
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  • Temple Bar
    Sights and Museums, Bars, Clubs and Nightlife, Pub
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  • St. Stephen's Green
    Outdoors, Children's Activities, Lake, Park, Playground
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  • Grafton Street
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Dublin’s reputation for being rainy is true, though not for the amount of precipitation it gets (which is actually less than London), but rather for the number of days that see at least some drizzle. So no ... Read more
matter when you travel, bring a sturdy umbrella, as strong winds often piggyback on the rain. There are three main periods of the year when tourism sees a rise: Christmas, when the city comes alive with a festive spirit; St. Patrick’s Day, with plenty of parades and all-night parties; and the summer, when temperatures get up into the 60s (15-20C) and residents and tourists alike swarm the outdoor cafes and revel in the numerous festivals that fill the cultural calendar. Bring layers, as even the summer can see dips into the 40s (7-9C) at night.

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Dublin and the region around it is both traditional and nostalgic as it is young and vibrant, filled with history, culture, nightlife, and even a taste of some of Ireland's wild nature. Pop into the small shops, cafes, and restaurants in the heart of the Dublin for a lovely afternoon, then spend your evenings in the most obscure pubs you can find. For a change of pace, pay a visit to Bru na Boinne, just a short drive out of the city, and explore ancient forts that are older than Stonehenge.

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