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One of America’s historic cities, Boston is sometimes known as the “cradle of America." Find out why by walking the Freedom Trail, which will get you up close to fundamental locations from the nation's early history. The Back Bay and Charles River both offer beautiful strolling experiences, whether near brownstones or Harvard Square, and make sure you stop off at one of Boston's famed seafood restaurants. American history shines once again in nearby towns like Lexington and Concord, where the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired, or at Walden Pond, where Henry David Thoreau wrote his classic self-reliance treatise, Walden. Cambridge, just across the river from Boston proper, is home to world-class academic institutions Harvard ... Read more
and MIT.
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Greater Boston

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Member Reviews(126)

New York City

Very historic place to visit. When you are there you feel like you are going back in time. You can visit a lot of museums are they are somewhat price. There are many restaurant there. Parking might be an issue when driving due to resident restriction. Overall a great experience.


This is the mac Donalds park. Incredible place to take some pictures if the kids.


Go out, don't miss out on unpredictable awesome memories.
Your already here why not step out

East Falmouth

Boston in my opinion is the perfect city. It's not too small and not too big. Plus it's easily accessible by foot and easy to cover but packed with fun and exciting things to do!

Las Vegas

Boston Massachusetts is my favorite city of all
been there many a times
and has everything you can think about
the old and the new come together
if you like history it's great for that
museums everywhere you look
and if you enjoy eating this something for everyone
Boston is one of those cities you can walk around and enjoy
or take a subway another and of the city to see something new
there's so much it's hard for me to even explain I would need a book
been there for the Fourth of July celebrations and New Year's Eve celebrations
were are so much fun
you do not need a car to get around
Boston has something for young and old
from Jim


This is an amazing and historic city, which blends old and new seamlessly. Yes, It's sports fans are fanatical (go sox!) but the city really has something for everyone, with world class universities, great museums and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Local from Boston

Famous for its plethora of universities, historical significance, and rabid sports fans, Greater Boston is a great place to visit and and even better place to live. From the Swan Boats in the Boston Common to the authentic Italian restaurants in the North End to the stops along the Freedom Trail that you read about in High School text books, there's plenty here for tourists and locals alike. And unlike many other major cities, it's all pretty walkable. Yes, the Green Line has been known to derail anger management efforts, but the rest of the city is a lot of fun to explore. Fenway Park and the TD Garden offer some of Boston's more high-adrenaline events between the Red Sox and Celtics, and while there's a decent chance of getting into a scuffle in either venue if you really try, Boston sports fans are pretty civil outside of that. You're unlikely to risk physical injury just for wearing a Yankees hat, for instance, but you'll definitely be given wrong directions. Make sure to hop on the Red Line and cross the river to check out with many sights and restaurants in Cambridge and Somerville, as well. Pick up a free copy of the Weekly Dig or check out www.thebostoncalendar.com for upcoming events, concerts, etc.

Greater Vancouver

Very nice city. There you'll find a lot local breweries. The city is close to the village Salem. Go and visit if you have time.

New York City

In this elite university town, anyone can browse the aisles at the Harvard Book Store, or Schoenhof’s Foreign Books in Cambridge. And you can test your wits while hanging with MIT’s trivia-night types at Area Four in Kendall Square. It serves clam pizzas, croissant-crumb-topped mac ’n’cheese, and appropriately named cocktails like the Last Word, made with gin, Chartreuse, and maraschino liquor. Readers may have encountered another kind of attitude in Boston, when they got behind the wheel: Bostonians ranked near the bottom for their driving.

Pro 2018
Santa Clara

Everything is compact in Boston and the surrounding area, which makes it convenient if you're an out-of-towner. There are lots of attractions awaiting nearby.

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