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Girona has all the charm of a large city but without the crowds; a very 'human-sized' city that will leave you walking around awestruck with your eyes wide open and your mouth agape at all it has to offer: its streets, festivals, cultural activities, restaurants, tourist services and events. Although situated inland, it is part of the Costa Brava ... Read more
of Catalonia, about 100 km northeast of Barcelona. Girona's top sights are the Girona Cathedral, the Jewish Quarter, and the colorful houses on the Onyar.

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Hot summers and mild winters make this Mediterranean area a popular escape for under-sunned Britons, and popular with travelers around the world who love Gaudi, tapas and beaches. August can get extremely hot ... Read more
and humid, and crowds from Northern Europe flood in on their yearly vacations, but May-June and September-October strike a balance between sunny, hot weather and relative availability of hotels.

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Top Girona restaurants

  • El Celler de Can Roca
    9.719 reviews
    Popular withFoodiesHipsters
  • Nibble
    9.04 reviews
    Fast Food
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies
  • Mien Restaurant
    10.03 reviews
    Popular withFoodiesBackpackers
  • Mas Pou
    8.97 reviews
    Family Style, Mediterranean, Spanish
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies

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Girona is a great little city, it is extremely friendly and wonderfully compact but has a host of attractions well worth visiting, such as the fantastic little art gallery which has a great lounge to relax in . Loads of walks in the area which are pretty unspoilt and it’s easy to eat well with a selection of good restaurants. Hotels are not too pricey either, much better than Barcelona. The airport is just a short bus hop away from town, if the weather is good you could even walk it though the area is pretty urban and industrial it is a way to get the feel.

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San Francisco
Community Manager

Girona is the main city in/near Costa Brava, and though it is often overshadowed by its sister city Barcelona just a little farther south, it is a wonderful (and much less touristy/crowded) city in its own right.

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Most travelers from Europe land in Girona on their way to Barcelona, and don't visit this city - which actually is a real gem. Packed with history, incredible restaurants and with a fantastic local feel, Girona is the perfect size: big enough to have fun; small enough to be perfectly safe. In other world, the best place for solo female travelers.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersFoodiesHistory BuffsSolo Female

UNESCO listed city in Catalunya region of Spain that worth visiting. Located few hours ride from the popular Barcelona, Girona offers the more intense feel of Medieval era. The beautiful streets of the city are filled with various museums, well preserved impressive Medieval buildings. and also good local restaurants. A full one day tour to the city is one of the most well-spent tour I've ever had.

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Menlo Park

Girona is a beautiful medieval city in the costa brava region north of Barcelona. It is surrounded by a moat, has charming narrow streets, and great street side cafes and restaurants. They are apparently filming some of the new season of Game of Thrones here...

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An intimate, charming city. An easy 15 minute drive from our house directly into the city centre. Wander through the Jewish quarter, the Ramblas, visit the cathedral, the Arab baths, Museums, walk the city wall, indulge at one of the ice cream shops, take the tourist train, enjoy one of the many market or craft fairs, the spectacle of one of the many festivals and annual celebrations .... or just relax at a restaurant or café and soak up the Catalan atmosphere.

Washington, D.C.

Girona is the kind of city that holds surprises around every corner, mostly because the city is full of twisting, tangled alleyways that make it nearly impossible not to get lost. But getting lost here is a good thing because it forces you to experience every aspect of this ancient city. Expect to frequent quaint squares, the riverfront promenade, thriving nightlife districts and scenic hillside viewpoints when in Girona.

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Menlo Park

This is an amazing city in Costa Brava. So many old medieval buildings, streets and restaurants! Loved it!

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Huntington Beach

I didn't expect to love this city as much as I did!! Really great cosmopolitan city steeped in history, if that makes sense. Beautiful buildings, lots of character and delicious food.

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Girona is one of my favorite cities. The old center has some wonderfully maintained historical buildings and lovely little boutiques.