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  • Faisalabad Serena Hotel
    Ranked #1 overall in Faisalabad hotels
    4 reviews
    Popular withBusinessFamiliesLuxury

    Best hotel in Faisalabad even if pricey

    • Fitness Center
  • Punjab Club
    Ranked #2 overall in Faisalabad hotels
    2 reviews
    • Royalton Hotel
      Ranked #3 overall in Faisalabad hotels
      2 reviews
      Popular withNightlife
      • Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel
        Ranked #4 overall in Faisalabad hotels
        It was okay
        2 reviews

        This properly is not operational yet

        • Regent Mall Hotel
          Ranked #5 overall in Faisalabad hotels
          1 review
          Popular withLuxury
          • Raj One Hotel
            Ranked #6 overall in Faisalabad hotels
            Pretty good
            1 review
            Popular withBusiness
            • sangla hill
              Ranked #7 overall in Faisalabad hotels
              • Prime Hotel & Restaurant Faisalabad Pakistan
                Ranked #8 overall in Faisalabad hotels
                • Hotel One Faisalabad
                  Ranked #11 overall in Faisalabad hotels
                  • Free WiFi
                  • Restaurant
                  • Free Breakfast
                  • Free Parking
                  • Airport Transfer
                • Silk Hotel
                  Ranked #9 overall in Faisalabad hotels
                  • Garvaish Luxury Hotel
                    Ranked #10 overall in Faisalabad hotels

                    Where to Stay in Faisalabad

                    Faisalabad is a historic city with lively markets and beautiful green spaces, such as the Jinnah Gardens. It attracts travellers from around the globe. The stunning clock tower, or Ghanta Ghar, marks the centre of the city. Staying at hotels in Faisalabad in the city's centre makes it easy to explore the area’s many markets. There also are few hotels near the airport, allowing quick access along Ring Road. There are many accommodations close to the city centre for those looking to find last-minute hotels in Faisalabad.

                    City Centre

                    The bustling heart of Faisalabad is packed with markets selling spices, fabrics, and electronics. Peruse the city's green spaces, such as Gatwala Park, or take in a football game at Iqbal Stadium.

                    1. Babar House

                    Travellers in search of cheap hotels in Faisalabad should consider Babar House. It offers air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and parking, plus private bathrooms.

                    2. Faisalabad Serena Hotel

                    At these luxurious accommodations, guests have access to tennis courts, an on-site restaurant, outdoor pool and a gym. Free parking and Wi-Fi also are available. The rooms contain minibars, flat-screen TVs and private bathrooms.

                    3. Hotel One by Pearl Continental

                    Every room is air-conditioned and comes with free Wi-Fi, satellite TV and an electric kettle. The hotel features an on-site restaurant and pastry shop, a gym and airport shuttle service.

                    Faisalabad Airport Hotels

                    Hotels on the city's western perimeter have excellent access to Faisalabad International Airport (LYP). In this region, you'll find plenty of last-minute hotels in Faisalabad.

                    Faisalabad International Airport Hotels

                    1. Al Aziz Hotel

                    Each room at this cheap hotel in Faisalabad features an en suite bathroom, air conditioning, and cable TV. You can order room service 24 hours a day.

                    2. Shalimar Hotel

                    Mini-fridges, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, satellite TV and minibars are just some of the amenities at this hotel.

                    3. Prime Hotel

                    An on-site restaurant, airport shuttle, free parking, Wi-Fi and breakfast all make this an excellent place to stay. The air-conditioned rooms feature mini-fridges and flat-screen televisions.

                    Spa Hotels in Faisalabad

                    In addition to offering luxury amenities, these spa hotels in Faisalabad are conveniently located near the city centre.

                    1. Royalton Hotel Faisalabad

                    A salon, spa, gym and on-site restaurant provide guests with plenty of entertainment. The spacious, air-conditioned rooms feature free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, a tea or coffee station, and luxury linens.

                    2. Best Western Faisalabad Hotel

                    Free Wi-Fi and parking are available at this pretty, centrally located Faisalabad hotel. The accommodations are stylishly appointed and air-conditioned. The rooms come with tea kettles, bathrobes and plasma TVs. You can hire a car on the premises or enjoy delicious cuisine at the award-winning restaurant.

                    3. Garvaish Luxury Hotel

                    The stunning facade of this historic hotel is an attraction in itself. Rooms are outfitted with flat-screen TVs, tea-making equipment, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. The upgraded suites have private sitting areas.

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