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Cuiaba sits bang smack in the middle of South America, and is known for its laid back cattle-country charm. The heady mix of African, Portuguese, and Native American culture makes Cuiaba unique. Although the city has become much more modern in recent years, it’s not uncommon to spot locals wandering around in full cowboy gear.

Cuiaba is famous with the nature loving set as the city sits near the crossroads of the Pantanal, the Amazon, and the Cerrado. It’s not uncommon for tourists to pass through en route to a wildlife spotting tour.

The city itself has a vibrant street life, with an open downtown district buzzing with live music and stalls selling fresh coconut water. There are also a number of international dining options, three large shopping malls, and of course: football.

The bairros (or neighbourhoods) of Cuiaba all have their own distinct atmosphere. If you’re spending time in Cuiaba, it’s worth doing a bit of exploration.

Centro Norte

North Central Cuiaba is downtown, and it’s where you will find most of Cuiaba’s shops. There’s a good mix between high street stores, quirky souvenir shops, and street vendors. The pedestrianised back-streets also offer a fine array of pavement cafes, where you can relax with a cup of local coffee. Don’t miss out on seeing the impressive basilica, the Catedral do Senhor Bom Jesus, which presides over a shady square in the town centre.


The name of this well-liked neighbourhood says it all, as Popular is the hub for socialising in Cuiaba. The main square, Praca Popular (“the people’s plaza”) is renowned for the bars and restaurants that line it. Rumour has it that Cuiaba serves the best beer in Brazil, and this particular neighbourhood is the best place to test that theory. It’s just a short walk from Centro Norte and Centro Sul, too.

Centro Sul

South Central Cuiaba is the main business district of the city, and is characterised by its modern blocks, offices, and universities. The neighbourhood is also home to Cuiaba’s quirkiest museum, the Museu Morro da Caixa D’Agua Velha, which displays a number of water themed curios including the city’s 19th century water tank which was based on a Roman aqueduct.


The Areão neighbourhood lies slightly to the East of the city centre. Despite being a residential neighbourhood, Areão is one of the most popular hotel districts in Cuiaba. It boasts its own shops, restaurants, and bars too. Large brand name hotels sit on the outskirts, just a short distance away from downtown. Areão has a relaxed, suburban, atmosphere.

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