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Where to Stay in Crotone

The city of Crotone dates back to at least the 4th century BC. It was home to Pythagoras, the great philosopher and mathematician. Today, Crotone is the capital of Calabria Province in Italy. You’ll find hotels in Crotone along with top-rated bed and breakfasts. The Pescharia District is the heart of old Crotone. Other popular areas near Crotone include the Ionian Coast and La Castello. Since the Crotone Airport (CRV) closed in 2016, the closest airport is Lamezia Terme Airport (SUF). You’ll find a variety of hotels near the airport. You can also find last-minute hotels in the Crotone area.

The Pescharia District

You can find plenty of cheap hotels in Crotone. The city hosts the National Archaeological Museum and the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

1. Santa Maria De la Strada Hostel

This hostel is perfect for the serious budget traveller. It’s a cheap hotel located just outside where the ancient walls of the city once stood.

2. B&B San Pietro

This reasonably priced bed and breakfast is in the centre of Old Crotone. You’ll have an excellent view of the Crotone Cathedral, which is a mere 350 feet away, from this luxurious option.

3. Palazzo Foti Hotel

Housed in a historic building, this boutique hotel in Crotone is just a one-minute walk to the beach. Along with the elegant décor, you’ll enjoy a rooftop garden and room service.

The Ionian Coast

At Capo Colonna, you’ll see the lone remaining Doric column from the temple dedicated to Hera Lacinia. The Sanctuary of Hera was a significant shrine to the Latin-speaking Greeks and dates back to the 7th century BC.

1. Atlantis

If you’re interested in cheap hotels in the Crotone area, Atlantis offers a great deal. They are small in price yet big in amenities. This hotel even features a water park and swimming pool.

2. Helios Hotel

Just two miles from the city, this hotel is a great alternative to hotels in Crotone. Hotel Helios' restaurant features locally flavoured cuisine and spectacular views of the ocean.

3. Costa Tiziana Hotel Village

This boutique hotel in the Crotone area offers horseback riding, snorkeling and diving, and windsurfing. To relax, take advantage of their child care service and treat yourself at the on-site spa.

La Castello

For boutique hotels in the Crotone area, head to the town of La Castello. One of the unique features of the town is the offshore Aragonese Castle of Le Castella. This medieval castle is accessible by a stone path.

1. Hotel Ristorante La Decanata

This hotel is located just outside La Castello and is an excellent value. Features include a private beach and free Wi-Fi.

2. Hotel Club Le Castella

This hotel features the finest luxuries such as a spa, regular and saltwater pools, and a pool bar. For families, there’s both an indoor and outdoor play area.

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