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Colombo-the capital of Sri Lanka-is the largest city and main port of the island country. It is also the commercial and financial center of Sri Lanka. A bustling metropolis, the city is an attractive blend of old and new. It has the lazy charm of the bygone era combined with the verve and vivaciousness of a modern city. Locals and visitors alike ... Read more
head to Galle Face Green, the cities biggest green area, to see how Colombo recreates. For the top hotels in the city, try, Cinnamon Grand Colombo and Hilton Colombo.

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Things to see and do in Colombo

  • Galle Face Green
    8.79 reviews
    Outdoors, Park
    Popular withOutdoorsyBackpackers
  • Laxapana Falls
    10.01 review
    Outdoors, Waterfall
    Popular withOutdoorsyAdventure
  • Bopath Ella Waterfall
    10.01 review
    Outdoors, Waterfall
    Popular withAdventureOutdoorsy
  • Red Masjid
    10.01 review
    Sights and Museums, Mosque
    Popular withAdventureSpiritual




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Top Colombo restaurants

  • Good Food
    10.02 reviews
    Local Traditional Cuisine
    Popular withFoodiesVegetarian
  • Indo Ceylon
    8.02 reviews
    Indian, Vegetarian, Cafe
    Popular withFoodies
  • Sunshine Bakary
    9.02 reviews
    Popular withFoodiesBackpackers
  • Malar Cafe
    9.02 reviews
    Popular withFoodies

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Colombo reviews

  • 9.8
    History Buffs
  • 9.8
  • 9.8
    Adventure Travellers
  • 7.4
    Spiritual Seekers

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Foster City

Colombo is the capital of island nation called Sri Lanka. Nicer and cleaner than I have expected

Recommended for:History BuffsAdventure Travellers

Colombo is a bustling vibrant city which somehow manages to mix animal conservation, food and wellness is an effortless way. There is so much to see in Colombo alone that it is mind-blowing!

Recommended for:BackpackersHistory BuffsAdventure TravellersSpiritual Seekers

Famous for Sri Lankan crabs, Colombo is a quiet and easy-to-travel destination. Not too cluttered by tourists and modern urban development, it's definitely a good weekend getaway.

Recommended for:FoodiesHistory BuffsAdventure TravellersSpiritual Seekers

Messy, loud and intense. Definitely got a culture shock coming over there. But worth seeing, strolling through the markets and exploring different parts of town. A good starting point before backpacking around the country.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersBackpackers

I did not go to Shri Lanka and Colombo as a tourist because I had to work there. Due to that I spend a day filming in the Colombo hospital. And coming from Europe that was a bit confusing. Also the traffic in Colombo is something completely different than you normally see in your Western homeland. And how all the people, cars, carts, bicycles and even cows don’t created an enormous traffic jam all the time is a miracle. And the Shri Lankan people are lovely and friendly. And I’m a bit proud that the Dutch played an important role in the Shri Lankan and Colombo history. Tip, if you’re looking for a great Hotel in Colombo try the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Recommended for:Family TravellersHistory BuffsArt & Design Lovers
Kuala Lumpur

Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, doesn't feel like a capital city but like a beach city. The city has beautiful beaches, museums and gardens, delicious food (especially seafood!), cheap shopping and most of all, friendly and laid-back people. I have visited Colombo twice, and although there were cars, traffic, skycrapers, just like other cities, Colombo put me in a different mood altogether - relaxed and chilled.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersFamily TravellersBackpackers

I stayed for a total of three nights in Colombo and it was amazing. The people are friendly and if you walk around the city you can find a lot of street art and graffiti on the walls.
Make sure you visit Sir Marcus Road for some beautiful paintings. They're all out on display.
Colombo 7 has a lot of good places to eat. I'd suggest Barnesburry. Ferdi (the manager) is very friendly and helpful.
Club-hopping is a must. Check out Playtrix, Karma and Clique. Lastly, Galle Face Beach is overrated. You'd rather go there in the midnight especially during thunderstorms.
Also, try beating my record - I walked all the way from Colombo Fort to Dehiwala. Trust me, that stretch is going to make you a different person.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersFoodiesAdventure TravellersNightlife Lovers

To give one star would be too mean. The people are friendly, its relatively cheap, and its a good introduction to Sri Lankan cuisine. But besides that its not really worth spending any length of time here.
Its minimal sights, intense heat, and lack of anything to do after 7 pm make this an easily skippable metropolis.
Go strait onto Kandy for a much more interesting experience. Either take a taxi or if you want a intense immersive cultural experience...take the train.
Just be sure to grab a seat quickly.

Recommended for:Budget Travellers

Good start of the Sri Lankan adventure. There are a number of attractions in Colombo to visit, but take train to go out to more rural areas.

Local from Colombo

The Commercial City and definitely a Hotspot!!! :)

I could help you with exploring some amazing places apart from the Mainstream ones.. Do let me know when you will be down in SL and what your plans are :)

You could find me on Couchsurfing

and on Facebook

For further assistance:)


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