Chinatown is New York City's most famous and largest ethnic neighborhood. Although the Chinese originally immigrated to this area of the city, this neighborhood is now inhabited by a variety of Asian groups. It is a colorful and vibrant area of the city. Many shops offer bargains on clothing and leather. Most of the Chinese restaurants can be found ... Read more
near Mott Street, there are literally hundreds of them.

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San Luis Obispo

You cannot go to NYC and not go to Chinatown!!! Wow!!! It is incredibly big with every food displayed in the windows looking so good! Bargain if you go to a gift shop. I did that for a hat and it did not take long for the merchant to nod yes. There are probably a dozen dim sum options here. With so many coffee shops, noodle houses, gift shops, markets, bakeries and more, it's hard to not get so excited! I wish I could spend more than a day here.

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Local from Brooklyn

Biggest Chinatown in the US. Its gritty but you can easily feel like you've stepped into the back streets of Hong Kong and you'll only be one block from Canal. A must visit.

Very unpleasant in the summer when the heat causes this part of the city to reek.

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Cape Town

Chinatown is just Chinatown. It looks exactly as I expected but when we visited they celebrated new year so that was pretty cool to see.

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San Francisco

New York City's Chinatown isn't as big and expansive as San Francisco's Chinatown, but it is still a fun area to meander around.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersHistory Buffs

This remains one of Manhattan's most colourful and atmospheric neighborhoods - though the frenetic pace is not for everyone. It's a great area for walking around and exploring. Right up until shortly before his death, David Bowie used to do early morning walks around the area.

Local from Brooklyn

Lots of food stands and markets - also black bags full of fake brands-look for the men with suitcases -Prada? LV? Gucci? Rolex? All can be found here for the holidays! Great people watching area!

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Delicious food options here. Also fun to take a walk through and look around!

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Signs written in Chinese aside, there is very little Chinese or Asian going on in DC's Chinatown. Nevertheless, it is home to an active bar and restaurant scene as well as the Verizon center which has helped to revitalize the area. The portrait gallery is nearby as well as is worth a visit.


Five stars for the food. Three stars for the cleanliness. Chinatown could improve in so many ways, but the food will keep me a loyal fan of this area of NY. If you want good food that's affordable, this is the place to go.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersFoodiesStudents

It's a small town, (when compared to New York's LOL) Well, this is a place that you can find up to 70% Asian ingredients. So...

BTW, this upcoming Thursday, October 8, 2015 It's the very first time of Night Food Market, ever. So don't miss out the One and Only N.M. in Philadelphia's special event. Start around 7 PM to 11 PM — One night only!

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