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Located on the northern coast of Colombia, Cartagena is easily its home country's highest drawing tourist city. This former sanctuary for escaped African-American slaves is popular year-round, thanks to its beautiful beaches and lively attitude. December is an especially busy time in Cartagena, as religious festivals close schools, prompting a huge ... Read more
influx of visitors. Many of the vacationers and tourists alike can be spotted enjoying a ride on the Chiva Bus. This popular way to both party and take in the sights comes complete with upbeat Caribbean music, drinks, and a positive vibe that keep the bus rocking its way throughout the city. Playa Blanca is perhaps the most popular of Cartagena’s major beaches, and it too perpetuates the festive attitude so sought after by fun-loving visitors. Like many beaches in Cartagena, Playa Blanca also comes complete with beautiful coral reefs and plenty of beachside activities. Divided into two sections, (a semi-walled off traditional section called Ciudad Amurallada and a strip of beachfront hotels known as Castillogrande) whether you are looking to party, or just enjoy the atmosphere, Cartagena is one of South America’s most fun-filled vacation destinations.

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Cartagena is a romantic city beautiful stone streets in the historic center and within the “walled city.” Outside the walls you will find beaches and some more modern buildings, especially around “laguito” which will make you feel like you are in Miami.

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Pro 2018
San Francisco

Fascinating place. From the slums to the Old Walled City, there's so much going on here. I loved the historic town center. It had so much energy and color. Perhaps it was the coming storm, but it felt like being in a film. Wonderful.

Recommended for:History BuffsArt & Design Lovers
New York City

Intoxicating, alluring...Cartagena is one romantic city behind its famed fortified walls. Settled by the Spaniards in 1533, Cartagena was the crown jewel of the Caribbean, used as a base to hide treasures pillaged from South America. While the gold and jewels may be long gone, there is still plenty to discover, from the gorgeous plazas to the massive churches. It's best not to stay focused on a map or a strict guide for your time in Cartagena; just let its seductive powers take you on a journey.

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Puerto Vallarta

The sweltering city of Cartagena by the sea is incredibly vibrant and alive! For this reason it is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination.

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Elmwood Park

Its a great place to take an exiting vacations where you can ride a jet ski, go to dance and meet new people

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São Paulo

Amazing City with good food and chatty people . Isla Baru and Isla del Pirata are terrific . Cafe del Mar has an incredible view.

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Pro 2018

very toristic but anyway a must in colombia, also there are a lot of full but nice beaches good for swimming. The old city is woth to stay min. 2 days even there are often big crusader ships

Recommended for:Green TravellersBackpackersHistory Buffs

A fairytale like city, Cartagena is the crown jewel of Colombia's tourism. Enclosed within the 16th century fortified wall, with leafy plazas, charming colonial houses, colourful balconies, the historical center of Cartagena is picture perfect. You will fall in love with this place just by walking its cobblestone streets. The centre pulses with life; during the day, locals and tourists share its narrow streets; at night, bars and restaurants are packed with people eager to drink in that romantic atmosphere that Cartagena exudes. Cartagena is one place that has something for every visitor: luxury traveler or budget backpacker.

Recommended for:BackpackersHistory BuffsArt & Design Lovers

Cartagena is a beautiful walled colonial city that sits right on the Caribbean. There are amazing restaurants, great history, amazing weather and beautiful beaches and islands you can visit by boat.

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Pro 2018
Foster City

It's a perfect vacation spot on the northern Caribbean coastline of Colombia. A historic colonial Spanish walled city that offers an old town full of life and culture combined with new town with high rise modern hotels and resorts with the best views of the city and the Caribbean Sea. Thus it makes it as one of the top vacation spots on my list.

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