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Although Belgium counts chocolate and beer as its culinary gifts to the world, Belgium is perhaps most famous for its, well, blandness. A comfortable and safe country with just the right amount of outdoor pursuits, medieval towns and manicured countryside, Belgium wears a touch of leather and lace underneath its librarian exterior. As one of the ... Read more
most liberal governments in the world, Belgium was the first to legalize euthanasia and the second (after neighboring Netherlands) to legalize gay marriage. Then, there's their soul-searching quest for identity, thanks to its cultural split between Wallonia (the mostly French half) and Flanders (the northern Dutch-speaking half). While Antwerp and Brussels are both cosmopolitan cities (Brussels is the de facto capital of the EU), escape instead to Belgium's smaller towns -- slow down the pace in Ghent or stroll through medieval Bruges (all four cities are in the northern Flanders). Wherever you go in Belgium, dining is a highlight. Restaurants serve famous Belgian fries and mussels, and you could sample a different beer every day for three months (Belgium has over 100 breweries, many of which started in medieval abbeys and monasteries).

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  • Grand Place
    8.6143 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Historic Site, Monument, Landmark, Plaza
    Popular withHistoryArtsy
  • Atomium
    8.173 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Monument, Landmark
    Popular withArtsyHistory
  • Historic Centre of Brugge
    9.453 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site
    Popular withHistoryArtsy
  • Manneken Pis
    6.5109 reviews
    Outdoors, Entertainment, Historic Site, Monument, Landmark
    Popular withHistoryArtsy




Generally, the best time to visit Belgium is from mid-April to mid-October with gorgeous weather peaking in July and August. However, if you want to avoid crowds (and save money on flights, hotels and ... Read more
restaurants), try to plan your trip outside of these golden months, especially since Belgium’s climate is fairly moderate year-round. Winters cool down with rain on the coast and snow up in the Ardennes; Brussels gets especially grey and dreary during the winter months. Spring can still have variable weather conditions, while September often still feels like summer. Keep in mind that rain is no stranger to Belgium, so no matter what time of the year you visit, it’s always a good idea to pack an umbrella and warm, rainproof jacket.

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Belgium, in general, is considered very safe. Brussels is a "little gritty" and some metro stations outside of the city center are best to avoid after dark. Bruges is laid back.

Trip by Skyscanner surveyed its Solo Female Traveller Tribe to compile ... Read more
woman-to-woman safety tips for this destination. While no one destination is ever completely safe or unsafe, our hope is that this information will allow users to make their own decisions with better information.

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Belgium - Brussels is the capital of Europe, it is quite famous because of the former 1958 world Expo site with The Atomium, not only that, "Mannekin Pis" and Belgium tapestries, laces and chocolate is popular and famous.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravellersArt & Design Lovers

Great country to visit. Nice people that speak 3-4 languages and are helpful when asked. Great food and beer. Repeat: GREAT food and beer. Has a rich history with something for every taste. A dense, but very busy network of roads, great connections by train local and international, very good public transport in most cities.

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversFoodiesHistory Buffs

Belgium is a country that is often forgotten falling in between more popular destinations in France, Germany, Holland, and the United Kingdom. However, it may not be as well known, but there is still plenty worth visiting. The old Flemish trading cities of Antwerp, Ghent, and Brugge have beautiful and charming main plazas, and plenty of architecture to show the history of the northern renaissance. Belgian Beer may be the best beer in the world, and for good reason Belgian chocolate is considered world class.


I visited Belgium once a week for about 3 years in my career as an investment banker. I never expected to love it and was constantly amazed by what it had to offer.


Quite nice people here, very friendly and open minded! It's a blessing that I can speak French, but it's also a nuisance because I had learnt it at school and my sister wasn't at all conversant in it so I ended up being a bit of an interpreter for her and her husband, her children attended a French speaking school, as opposed to a Flemish speaking one, and children being more receptive to learning languages they had little difficulty in adjusting to living in Boiforts, one of the French speaking parts of Brussels.


very nice country with loads of historical places including lots of ww1&11 sites

San Diego

Your world will be so different when you are in Belgium. Feels like you were in a fairy tale.

San Jose

I'm embarrassed to say that I really really really like their chocolates. I mean really like their chocolates. And more embarrassed to say that I actually asked a person whether they spoke belgian.

Belgian is not a language.


Went there as a child, I don't remember much at all