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Although Ahmedabad is not one of the most popular tourist cities in India, it still has some attractions worth seeing, and the relatively small population of tourists means they're generally appreciated rather than seen as a nuisance. The city is the sixth largest in India, the former capital of Gujarat, and is home to a growing population of over ... Read more
six million, and the combination of huge masses and relatively poor infrastructure have contributed to pollution. However, tourist destinations are well maintained, and places like the white and gold Swaminarayan Temple, and the ancient Hathi Singh Jain Temple are very much appreciable attractions. This city was a hotbed for the non-violent protests led by Mahatma Gandhi, and the Gandhi Ashram that he founded is easily the area's most visited attraction.

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  • Ahmedabad One
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  • Kankaria Lake
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  • Sabarmati Ashram
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    Sights and Museums, Tours, Classes and Rentals, Other, History Museum, Historic Site, Landmark
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  • Star India Bazaar
    8.37 reviews
    Shopping, Flea Market
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  • Satelite
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  • Barbeque Nation
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    Chinese, Barbecue, Indian
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  • Vishalla
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  • Gormoh Restaurant
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I lovemaximum options and specially anywhere rates and various options to fit my budget

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New Delhi

Located on the banks of the Sabarmati river, Ahmedabad or Amdavad as it’s colloquially called, is the 7th largest Urban area in India with a population of over 6 million. It’s the only city in India which has been accorded the status of UNESCO World Heritage city (for the old city area). Ahmedabad is a perfect blend of beautiful architecture and town planning of the heritage city, as well as the energy and business friendly face of its modern counterpart. Ahmedabad never ceases to amaze you with its delectable variety of street food, sumptuous Gujarati thali places, warmth of the people and the overall rustic charm that it retains even in a rapidly changing cityscape.

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big city with a lot of trafic, not much to see but there is the ashram of Ghandi woth to visit, a very good day to be in Ahmedabad is the evening of the 12th of december, there is a big festival (mohameds birthday) lots of trucks and thousands of happy and friendly people loud music you are realy welcome there it is fascinating 5 stars for the festival.

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Local from Ahmedabad

Very nice place and city to live in for India. Local food specially Gujarati very nice cuisine specially Vishala.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersHistory BuffsSpiritual Seekers

This bustling manufacturing city of nearly seven million people is both Gujarat's capital and the state's largest population centre. As an Indian big city it features all of the undesirable qualities that Indian cities are known for -- overcrowding, noise, pollution, traffic -- but featuring on very few tourists' radar, it's also a place to see India 'unpackaged' for Western consumption, with very little of the hassle you'll find in the nation's other metropolises. Many people simply pass through Ahmedabad on the way to somewhere else, but get past the negatives and the city has some great architectural and historical spots to explore, though be aware that being the capital of a dry state, there isn't much of a rollicking nightlife scene.

Recommended for:History BuffsArt & Design Lovers
Local from Ahmedabad

The "Ahmedabad". the smart city ,all rounder city, peoples city, home , town . everything for the peoples. you may love it, It is the administrative headquarters of the Ahmedabad district and the seat of the Gujarat High Court. But it is because this city lives from the ‘heart’ and one can feel it. If you can scratch through the surface of the smog, than you'll begin to experience its raw aesthetic energy and irrepressible spirit.Manek Chowk is amongst the busiest areas in Ahmedabad. It’s amongst the most popular market areas in the city renowned for its gold trade market. Situated on the east of the Jama Masjid, the market is also a favorite for some of the most scrumptious food.


Coincide your visit with the International Kite Festival in busy 'Jewel of the West' city Gujarat, India, for a stunning backdrop to your proposal, with kites flying around overhead like beautifully colourful birds. Head to Ahmedabad Police Stadium and join thousands of locals and tourists who lie down to watch the fascinating festival in the clear blue sky.

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Mumbai (Bombay)

My dream city... India's 5th largest city. The best place to live.. However its getting too crowded(8.2million population) now like Mumbai. Wish it stabilises soon.

Local from Ahmedabad

One of the metro city of Gujarat ... Growing city .... And full of energy and loving people around ...... :-))

First to Review

such a amazing citY in whole over india and itz gota 1st rank in current year....:)